Course Records

Course Championship (3 Rounds)
-38 Micah Dorius – 2007

Tournament (1 Round)
-17 John Ahart (Spring Fling ) 1992

Tournament (2 Rounds)
-34 Micah Dorius – 2009
-29 Micah Dorious – 2004
-28 Carlo Pelg – 2009

Tournament – (Single Round) Men
-18 Micah Dorius – 2009
-16 Carlo Pelg – 2009
-16 Micah Dorius – 1999
-16 Ken Jarvis – 1999
-16 CVK – 1999
-16 Greg Barnicoat

Tournament – (Single Round) Women
-10 Amy Bekken

Wednesday Night Doubles
-19 Dave Butcher & Alex Torriente 2001
-19 Bill Campbell & Greg Barnicoat

Most Consecutive Birdies
22 Snapper Pierson


6 Responses to “Course Records”

  1. Would like to know what your hours are…

    Please Advise…

    Danny R. Scott

  2. morleyfieldsd Says:

    Morley Field is open from sunrise to sunset. Wait times to play are first come first serve which is about 10 minutes on weekdays and 20-30 minutes on weekends.

  3. Dave Vincent Says:

    Course record-Hole 10F 426′ ACE by Dave Vincent

  4. Anthony Sotelo Says:

    On 3-4-2010 I got 3 aces in two rounds. My first ace was 15a. My next ace was 9c. My last ace was my second shot and I aced 16c. I think I have the course record for the most aces in one day at morley field. Snapper please tell if I have the course record. I have signatures of witnesses. please tell me if I broke a serious records or not.

  5. Steve Martino Says:

    This coarse sounds really easy.

  6. I am flying out to San Diego on the 19th Feb. do you have any league or tournaments from the 19th – 24th of Feb. Thank you

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