2015 June Monthly

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OPEN (8 Players)

1 Jonathan Maki -14 $70
2 Freddy A. -13 $42

ADVANCED (5 Players)

1 James B -9 $35 shop credit
2 Javi -8 $22.50


1 Isaac -10 $35 shop credit
2 Jimbob -6 $30
3 Hector -5 $26
4 Hunter -4 $23
5 John M. -2 $21

NOVICE (8 Players)

1 Phillip B. -2 $20 shop credit
2T Mike L. -1 $16
2T Seth G. -1 $16

Ace pool $287 not won


Spring Fling 2015 – Snapper’s Wrap Up

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This year’s Spring Fling was a very smooth running event. Staff had all the scorecards, tourney boards and prize packages completed and ready well before the event even began. The course was arguably in the best shape ever with the Jacaranda’s in full bloom and the grass bright green from the recent and much needed rains. We had a full field of 95 amateur players spanning 7 different competitive categories. This was our first year as a Dynamic Distribution primary sponsored event. They provided each of the players with a Lucid Escape in their player packages. They also donated other discs, shirts and cozies as prizes for the players. We still had our other usual sponsors of Innova, Discraft, Gateway, Legacy, Millennium, Vibram and MVP. Each of the players received a shirt, disc, coozie, deck of cards and 2 mini’s in their player packages . They also got lunch (Pizza, salad and drink) and entry to the huge free drawing where we gave away over $600 in donated items from the disc manufactures. For the first year their greens fees were also included in their entry. Each player competed for two rounds on a rare closed course. Full results are available on PDGA.com/events.

In the premiere category of Advanced amateur long time local Jonathon Maki lead from start to finish winning by a convincing 4 strokes over top contenders Carlos Caballero, Jet Tydingco and much traveled Brandon Langston. For his efforts Jonathan won a Discraft Chainstar basket valued at $375. Over $4500 in prizes were awarded to over 40% of the field in this event. Additionally, plaques or framed certificates were awarded to the top two players in each category. Among the prizes were 2 Chainstar baskets, a Dynamic Distribution basket, an Innova Skillshot basket, 4 Ranger bags and a host of other disc golf paraphernalia. Each of the players also had a chance to win a Skillshot basket in the ring of fire during the lunch break for a $1 fee. James Barnes was our basket winner.

The Intermediate and Recreational divisions were won by the brothers Chris Dilloway and Andy Dilloway. Women’s and Masters were won by the expecting couple of Allie Robles and Chet Morse. Grandmasters was won by another long time local Christian Cullen. Finally, our Junior category was won by Beck Russel. On another note we had a rare occurrence of one player, Noel Sanchez shooting the worst in his category (+6) in the first round followed by shooting the tournament best (-9) in the second round. His round was highlighted by a 100’ sidearm skip deuce thru the double mandatory on long 11. Booyea! In front of the tourney director no less. What a turnaround.

I’d like to thank all our sponsors and all the staff Mac, Eric, Oscar, Jesse, Joanne, EJ and all the regular shop and outside staff members for the usual outstanding efforts. Till next year…
Z ya!

Spring Fling 2015 – Results and Pics of Division Winners!

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Full results available on PDGA.com. Click here for results!

MJ1 Winner - Beck Russell

MJ1 Winner – Beck Russell

MG1 Winner - Christian Cullen

MG1 Winner – Christian Cullen

MA3 Winner - Andy Dilloway

MA3 Winner – Andy Dilloway

MA2 Winner - Chris Dilloway

MA2 Winner – Chris Dilloway

MA1 Winner - Jonathan Maki

MA1 Winner – Jonathan Maki

FA1 Winner - Allie Robles

FA1 Winner – Allie Robles

MM1 Winner - Chet Morse

MM1 Winner – Chet Morse

Spring Fling 2015 – Registration List and Pin Positions

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Spring Fling registration list is now available on PDGA.com. If you just signed up and don’t see your name yet, don’t worry, it takes a little while before we post new registrations.

Spring Fling hole positions will be as listed below. On the day of the event, we will let you know if any changes had to be made.


  1. E (Triple Mandatory)
  2. A (Triple Mandatory)
  3. C
  4. C
  5. F
  6. D
  7. C
  8. B
  9. G
  10. A
  11. A
  12. H
  13. A
  14. E
  15. E
  16. D
  17. E
  18. B
  19. B


  1. C
  2. C
  3. E
  4. A
  5. B
  6. F
  7. F
  8. E
  9. B
  10. E
  11. F
  12. E
  13. D
  14. C
  15. A
  16. B
  17. F
  18. C
  19. C

Morley Field Spring Fling 2015 – Sign Up Form

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Spring Fling sign ups are available at the Morley Field pro shop starting today. You may also print and mail the attached PDF signup sheet or just bring it in to the shop. Entry fee must be paid by cash or check only. Make sure that your PDGA number is current to save you $10 on the entry fee. San Diego Aces and SoCal Disc Golf club members also save $5.

Morley Field – Spring Fling 2015

April Monthly Results

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OPEN (15 Players)

1 Carlos C. -19 $100
2 Jet -16 $70
3 Mason N. -13 $40

ADVANCED (6 Players)

1 Anthony M -13 $40 shop credit
2 CVK -7 $29


1 Eric R. -7 $36 shop credit
2 Hunter -4 $30
3 Cheeky -3 $26
4 Hector -2 $23
5 Damon 0 $20

NOVICE (7 Players)

1 Michael S. +4 $20 shop credit
2 Chris M. +9 $17
3 Seth +10 $15

Ace pool $242 not won

Morley Field featured in KPBS article

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Check out the story here! 


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