2014 Course Championship

Updated 10/31/14.

Course will be closed to public play if we have 60 or more entrants (update – we are now over 60). Total number of players is limited to 95. T-shirt and lunch will be provided to the first 72 entrants. If you have not signed up yet, you can do so at the pro shop (cash or check only).

Division First Name Last Name Shirt Size
Women Laura Walsh WM or MS
Women Vanessa Van Dyken WM or MS
Women Pam Vaughn WL or MM
Women Allie Robles WS
Women Juliana Korver WS
Open Jesse Meyers L
Open Shane Dehner
Open Mike Lust
Open Matt Howard XL
Open Jason Perdue L
Open David Parnell M
Open Micah Dorius XL
Open Mason Newstead XL
Open Jeff Nichols XL
Open Kenny Sommers XL
Open Chris Dodds XXL
Open Mike Reeves XL
Open Javier Roman M
Open Mike Slonim L
Open Oscar Garcia L
Open Daniel LIchtman XL
Open Alex Nichols XL
Open Chris Hanna L
Open Randy Wylot L
Open Max Nichols M
Open Trey McKelvey XL
Open Kevin Gomez XL
Open George Spraklen XL
AM Tim Nordeen XXL
AM Eric Repp XXL
AM James Barnes XL
AM Eric Duchamel XL
AM Hunter Mannix XXL
AM Marty Cummings XL
AM Garrett Russell L
AM Payson Vikara XL
AM David Zwolenski L
AM Danny Zwolenski L
AM Jeff McCreery L
AM Josh Tuttle M
AM Andrew Allen L
AM Patrick Paramore L
AM Josh Hesser XXL
AM Kidd-Cody Atkins M
AM Shaun James L
AM Mitchell Zunich L
AM Derrick Rimington 4XL
AM Chris Johnson XXL
AM Norman Thompson L
AM Todd Murnan L
AM Jone Eide L
AM Mike Tyberg L
AM Matthew Brady L
AM Allen Freeman M
AM Heath Weiss L
AM Bill Humby XL
AM Carlos Caballero L
AM Chet Morse M
AM Shane Jonas M
AM Mike Lamb XL
AM Jordan Hoglund L
AM Noel Sanchez XL

*Let us know if your name is spelled incorrectly or your shirt size is incorrect or missing. Thanks!


3 Responses to “2014 Course Championship”

  1. Bill Humby Says:

    How does one enter the course championship tournament. Can anyone enter? I am visiting from Edmonton Alberta. PDGA 60861, Bill Humby. Is there somewhere that shows more info?

  2. Bill Humby Says:

    never mind, I found the entry form

  3. Hi Bill, you can stop by the pro shop at the course to pay. We have entry forms here. Give us a call if you have any questions 619.692.3607.

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