cimg5255Morley Field was established by Snapper Pierson (course pro and Disc Golf Hall of Fame member) in 1978 making one of the original disc golf courses in the world. Only a few miles from the San Diego Intl. Airport, San Diego Harbor, Coronado Beaches, beautiful Downtown San Diego, and directly across from the San Diego Zoo, this makes Morley a destination course with a personality all its own.

The course overall isn’t long but it does have a few lengthy holes and it‘s beautifully maintained by the shop employees and features Mach III baskets and concrete tee pads. The course is very challenging, with many trees and tough pin placements. Pin positions change each Monday and there are 3 to 6 positions for each hole.

Morley Field has a pro shop (other side of rest rooms) for all of your disc golf and refreshment needs.  The pro shop is loaded with food, drinks, and lots of Discs. Rental discs and color scorecards are available.

Morley prides itself on the friendliness of its locals. Being one of (if not #1) the busiest courses in the world so you will never lack for a helpful, friendly and usually colorful playing partner.

Monthly tournaments are usually held on the 3rd Saturday of each month. Check the schedule for the next monthly. Tournament division include Pro, Advanced, Intermediate, and Novice. Morley Field also has two disc golf leagues per year – Spring and Fall. These are handicap leagues with all skill levels welcome to play. Also during the summer there is Wednesday Night Doubles at 5:00pm.

The course is open to the public from dawn to dusk year round except for the weekends of the Southwestern Disc Golf Invitational Team Tournament (usually around the 1st weekend of December) and the Spring Fling (usually in the first couple of weeks of May). If you plan to visit during these times, check the schedule to make sure the course will be open to the public.

City law does not permit alcoholic beverages in the park and this is enforced by park rangers and the San Diego City Police. If the parking lot is full, go just past the course west on Pershing and keep hanging lefts. You’ll find additional parking near the ball park, a short walk from the course.


36 Responses to “Welcome”

  1. I would like to know when you are open for I would love to see what times I am able to play..

    Thank you,


  2. morleyfieldsd Says:

    Morley Field is open from sunrise to sunset. Wait times to play are first come first serve which is about 10 minutes on weekdays and 20-30 minutes on weekends.

  3. james bardamu Says:

    I am travelling to SD this weekend and staying at a hostel downtown (521 market st). Is there an easy way for me to get to the course from there or should I try to arrange cab service? Also can I go straight to the course and pay there or do I need to go somewhere else (an admin building) to pay the necessary fees?

    Thanks much for any guidance you can offer.

  4. morleyfieldsd Says:

    A cab or a bus ride would be best. The pro shop is right near the parking lot where you can pay. have fun!

  5. Johnny G. Says:

    I am looking on the website for a yearly rate…is this something that is available?

    Thanks and I look forward to playing your course!


  6. morleyfieldsd Says:

    I’ll have to ask Snapper but I think its approx $350.00

  7. I cant find directions on how to get there. Can I just not see it or theres no link. Thanks

  8. Terry-O Says:

    I would like to bring a group of Tiger Cub Scouts (7- 12) First graders to learn how to play Frisbee golf. Can I do this in one or two groups ( with parents) on a Sunday afternoon?

  9. morleyfieldsd Says:

    Yes, but fyi… Sunday afternoon are the busiest time of the week. One round takes about three hours

  10. Jonathan Says:

    I was just curious on when you would say the slower times to come would be? I imagine saturday and sunday are rather busy? When would be the best time to come and play a round?

  11. morleyfieldsd Says:

    not really such a thing at Morley but weekdays between 10-noon aren’t bad, late weekday afternoons around 5:30 also

  12. I also have a Cub Scout Pack, and am wondering if it is possible to set up some sort of group orientation?

    Thanks Andrea

  13. I’m considering playing for the first time. Is your park beginner friendly, or should I try someplace else for my first game?

  14. San Diego is lucky to have a premier DG course. But we are unlucky not to have more public, play-for-free courses. The Morley experience would improve if there were more free courses around to absorb beginners and cub scout groups. San Diego needs more Snappers to pioneer and establish more courses. Compared to many urban centers around the country…we suck.

  15. says pay to play but it wont tell me the price. how much?

  16. guess i should read more closely i see now thanks

  17. Chumper Miguel Says:

    Merry Christmas all! I am down from Spokane and hope to be catching a round today. GREAT site!!

  18. morleyfieldsd Says:

    Thanks for the compliment!

  19. jens ritchie Says:

    ok so i have afew questions one do you guys sell uesd discs two if not how much would a mellenium JLS driver cost in a farley good plastic three did they ever catch the person who stole the 12 th pin 4 will this rain ever go away im dying to get out kill some time on the course

  20. Just confirming… It IS okay to bring a dog on the course as long as it remains leashed??? If so, that is waaaay cool!

  21. morleyfieldsd Says:


  22. jens ritchie Says:

    ok i was wondering about this picture i saw on the old morley disc golf web site of some girl putting in a handstand position does she play there ofeten or whatand how the hell do you do that and @#$% thats nuts !!!

  23. I have never played the sport, but want to learn to play very badly…how would I go about doing this? I have searched for leagues in the area and cant seem to find any.

  24. morleyfieldsd Says:

    What is your age?

  25. 39

  26. San Diego Ace Club Memberships are Still Available !!!!



    San Diego Ace Club Memberships are Still Available !!!!

    You can usually find me at MorleyField Disc Golf course daily !!!!

    Ace Club Replacement Bag Tags for Current members is $ 5.00 each

    Additional Discs for Current Members are $ 15.00 each an a good selection available.


    If you need your Aces membership by mail , I can send it to you.

    It will cost $ 25.00 each person. $ 20.00 + $ 5.00 for shipping each.

    Please include the Following :

    Your Complete Name , Address , City , State and Zip code , Phone # and Email address.

    PDGA # if you have one. I can Ship anywhere in the United States.

    I have Putters and Drivers. Putters are the DGA Z Reef and the Drivers are a Z Sparkle Rogue.

    Please make your Check / Money Order out to San Diego Aces Disc Golf Club and send to :

    Donny Olow
    5589 Brunswick ave.
    San Diego , CA. 92120

    Once I receive your check , Your Bag Tag and Disc choice will be sent.

    Thanks Again in Advance.

    Membership Director
    Donny Olow

  27. Charlene Says:

    I am in charge of organizing company events and thought that Frisbee golf would be a fun one. We are about 35 people.
    Do you think its possible to do in a big group. (we will be dividing the employee in smaller groups)
    And then i was wondering where we can hire the Frisbee golf discs from for that many people?

    Any advise will be appreciated :-)

  28. Robert Morley Says:

    What is the history of Morley field, ie, why is it called Morley field?

  29. Jens Ritchie Says:

    whats it gonna take to get the city to dawn some lights out on the cousre night games are fun when im arizona with my uncles discgolfing

  30. I have tried several times to access your course calendar and I get an error message (NOUSER Yahoo). Are you having problems with the calendar? Thank you.

  31. That saves me. Thanks for being so senbisle!

  32. This once great course is a ghetto now. Brought my 13-yr old son there twice this year and was disappointed and frustrated both times. If you’re not waiting behind three groups to tee off (on every blessed hole!) then you’re waiting for the kids who are walking up the fairway to the tee. We were behind a party of 13 last time, and they were surly about letting us play thru. Alcohol and pot-smoking is rampant, as is profanity. And–unlike it was in the 80’s–there’s a charge for the experience. IF I go there again, I’m NOT paying. I wouldn’t pay for the privilege of climbing into a dumpster, either.

  33. I’m travelling to AS next week and I was planning on playing Morley. However I’m a little concerned about the last comments here (I realize they are from 2011) . Is this really the case? Also, is the $3 fee per day or per round?

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