January Morley Monthly

The January monthly was the first monthly since October 2011. What with the Course Championship in November and the Team Tournament in December we’re finally getting back to normal .We ran our first “Mondo” ( CTP contest at the practice basket) of the new year during the lunch break. We had 20 players vying for hooded sweatshirts from Discraft and monthly passes for daily play at Morley.  The first round was won by Garrett L (month pass) who sank the putt as did Chris (Switch). They then played off and both made it again. Played off again and Garrett made it while Switch splashed through. Wow! Round 2 was won by Puc K. (XL sweat). The third round was won by Switch (M sweat).  Congratulations to all for a job well done.


1st– Dustin S-11 $48 shop credit

2nd-Mike T.-4 $37 “ “

3rd-David LL -3 $30 “ “


1st-Garrett L. -4 $37 shop credit

2nd-Josh H. +2 $31 “ “

3rdT-Hans D. +4 $24.5 “ “

3rdT-Brent +4 $24.5 “ “


1st-Drew S. $28 shop credit

2nd-Joey C. $25 “

3rdT-John D. $21”

3rdT-Joey R. $21”

3rdT-Damien N. $21”

6thT-Juan T. $16”

6thT-Chris B. $16”

8th-Cody $14.5”

Ace pool $92 not won.


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