2011 Tournament Schedule

These are the remaining tourney dates for 2011

11/12 and 13 Course championship
12/3 and 4 Team Tourney
Friday doubles start April 22nd at 5pm

9 Responses to “2011 Tournament Schedule”

  1. Patrick P Says:

    How does a 968 rated PRO player who just won Wednesday doubles at Morley get only 2 alternate holes assessed while a 928 rated INT player gets 4 alternate holes assessed at the Friday Morley doubles? Not a great way to start the doubles season at Morley.

    The doubles fiasco is very simple to fix.
    1. “A” players who are PRO throw 4 of the same holes alternate.
    2. Eliminate the 3 birdies in a row rule.
    Now can we play real doubles?

  2. shawn ludlow Says:

    I’m only a Friday doubles level B, but I think both of those ideas sound great, especially the part where the alternate holes are the same holes, not just the ones they happen to start on.

    The 3 birdie rule is unique; I love it and hate it, great.

    An idea that was brought up during the last doubles was a double ace; can we chage the rules so they say when two players on a team both throw an ace, on the same hole, they record a zero for stokes on that hole since they are way too cool.

    I don’t know if that has happened, but it sounds like something that is worth rewarding.

  3. Sounds good to me.

  4. Shawn Ludlow Says:

    I noticed that the June 2011 Monthly is scheduled for a Friday, 6/10/11. Is it really happening on Saturday 6/11/11? Does anyone have any advice on how I can place for my first time? Any random comments welcome.
    Shawn L.

  5. My buddies and I are coming down from Vegas 6/11. I see a tourney 6/10. Does that mean the course is closed to outside players?

  6. I just called and confirmed that the monthly is actually on Saturday 6/11/2011, the post here is wrong. Also, to answer a question above, the course is not closed during monthly tournaments. The course only closes a few times a year for the big tournaments (Spring Fling, Course Championship, Team Championship).

  7. Patrick P. Says:

    Just noticed the Course Championship is the same weekend as the Shark Tooth PDGA sanctioned event up in Bakersfield on Nov. 12-13. Guess I won’t be playing the CC this year.

  8. How do you sign up for the course championships? I couldn’t even find a link to the schedule on the main page here.

  9. Looking for the Course Championship Signup sheet and entry deadline.

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