Qualifications for the San Diego Team for 2011

Qualifications for making the San Diego Team for 2011 Dec. 3 &4

Every year we establish a Mendoza line for team qualification.

This year is unique in that San Diego has an explosion of young talented open players for the first time in many years. Also, our traditional strength at Masters level has gentrified and we now have several outstanding Grandmasters. The team makeup is 5 Open players, 4 Masters, 1 GM, and 1 Woman.

-So, we will still automatically place on the team the top 3 finishers from the course championship in the Open division (Nov 12 & 13). The top finishing Masters and Grandmasters aged players will also automatically qualify if there are at least 5 players represented in that category.

-Win 2 Morley monthlies pro division shooting -20 for 2 rounds and minimum 10 players in division.

-Win 2 PDGA “B” tier events in any pro division for which we have a category on the team

-Win any 1 PDGA “A” tier event in a pro division for which we have a category on the team.

Automatic Grinder Qualification ( match play round robbin Nov. 19 and 20

any Pro having won a B tier event at any Pro level.

-any open player with a 990 rating or better, Master player 975 or better and Gm 960 or better

-winner of any Morley monthly in Pro division

-top finishers from course championships not automatically qualified for team previously.

-the Amateur winner of the course championship

These qualifications may not be all inclusive as special situations always arise. If you don’t fit into any of these categories after the course championships see me with your situation for Grinder tryouts.



One Response to “Qualifications for the San Diego Team for 2011”

  1. Mitchell Zunich Says:

    Hey everyone! I just wanna say I’ve play alot of courses since i left and Morley is by far the best! I miss the life style and all my friends. Tell Snapper i want a manager position and he should hire me back right away. Take care and throw aces.

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