Spring Fling 2011 Participants

The Final Field as of 4 13 11

SF 2011 divison pdga
mark verochi ma1 41379
james fisher ma3 na
patrick paramore ma2 38001
john anderson ma4 na
dale chambles ma1 41010
D Bear mm1 na
steve valencia ma2 42254
dave clapp mg1 15907
kevin christie ma3 41501
eric simmons mg1 34300
ej simmons ma3 na
charles adair ma4 na
xian cullen mg1 28200
jon yegler ma1 47746
aaron van matre ma1 35186
danny z mm1 28993
billy romhild mm1 11884
rhett stroh mm1 14540
david green ma4 na
max nichols ma1 21870
alex nichols ma1 21869
dan shorkey mm1 14378
todd fletcher mm1 na
jeff brown MG1 43727
tracey crowder ma1 40942
justin duncan ma4 na
mike reeves mm1 41981
rita nash fw2 34370
Matt Howard ma1 46716
Spense Stevens mg1 47078
Angel Garcia ma1 41855
Doug Flaherty ma3 40847
Mike Kvasnicka mm1 15431
William Lister MA1 na
Mark Hawking MA2 na
Joe Goodman MM1 na
Bradley Douglas MM1 na
Serban Farkas Ma1 na
Seho Chang Ma2 na
Michael Flores Ma4 na
Joe Sanchez Ma4 na
Tom Millard MM1 34342
Josh Hesser Ma2 46709
Bobby Oliver Ma1 47329
James Barnes Ma3 47955
Jason Fitzgerald Ma3 na
Chad Duckworth Ma2 46675
Alex Mate Ma3 ?
Taylor Mate Ma3 na
Rob Eames MA4 47416
Mario Traba Ma1 8
Daniel Lichtman Ma1 25509
Robert Martin Ma1 25847
Travis Sandoval MA3 na
Dustin Sandgren Ma1 NEW
Rastin Luna Ma2 45893
Kimberly Cottrell FW1 39470
Ethan Wellin Ma1 28804
Cliff Griswold Ma2 44347
G Swanson jr MA1 na
Shane Dehner Ma1 39169
Peter McBride Ma1 34463
Mike Olivarez Ma3 46530
John Keller MM1 ?
Dave Parnell Ma1 18272
Mark Hauser Ma1 13459
Roger Rector Ma2 38780
Eric Russell MM1 Na
Nick Newton Ma1 47689
Jeff Bozigian Ma2 46494
Jesse Myers Ma3 46327
Josh Marsh Ma1 44001
Amber Ivy FW1 42286
Noel Sanchez ma2 na
Brooks Loro Ma3 na
Chet Morse Ma2 na
Dave Dohr Ma3 new
Glenn Swanson MG1 na
Kevin Carter MA3 44217
Jeff Graham MG1 15112
Frank Knapp MG1 12237
Hans Degner MA3 na
Nick Basil Ma1 na
Thomas Wheeler MA2 46384
Jennifer Unstead FW1 42066
James Galloway MA4 na
Louis Rosado MA4 na
Christian Tudor MA2 44241
Jeffery Roberts MA1 22854
Eric Audit MA3 41953
Cory Marsteller Ma3 39419
Jeff Spohr MA1 42223
Drew harrison MA1 45885
Carl Whittington MA2 na
Jeremy Aubol MA3 na

4 Responses to “Spring Fling 2011 Participants”

  1. go ahead and play MA2, Paramore…I’m gonna beat that %%%%%%%%



  2. Patrick P Says:

    Well, there are a few MA1 baggers who should step up to Open, won’t mention their names, they know who they are. Depending on how I physically recover over the next 3 weeks I may consider moving up to MA1 and let you and Bobby battle it out.

    On another note, last time I played Spring Fling in 2009, Snapper made the 2nd round more difficult. He’s saying that he wants to keep the 2nd round almost similiar to the 1st round with only a few changes; 1 to 2 basket, and 3 to 4 basket. In 2009, we also played 8 & 9 long tee pads, 6 was on the hill by the street, and 19 had a water OB. It would be real interesting if he makes the 2nd round more challenging.

  3. Joshua Hesser Says:

    My PDGA # is 46709…

  4. Illinois keith Says:

    Get’em Hawk

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