January 2011 Monthly


1-  Patrick P -12 $40 shop credit

2-  Glenn S -10  $36 “

3T-Jason E -9 $30

3T-Big Tony -9 $30

5-Steve F-3 $24

6-Josh H -2 $20


1-Korey P-7 $30

2-Bobby D -5 $26

3-Travis T -3 $22

4-Tyler T-2 $19

5-Benito -0 $17

6-Brandon +1 $15

7-Matt D +2 $14

8-Brian S +5 $13

Ace pool $151 Brooks Loro


4 Responses to “January 2011 Monthly”

  1. Dave Coffey Says:

    First time at famous Morley field.
    Everyone was very friendly and helpful, but the pace of play was worse than could be imagined. After paying for the monthly and the entrance fee and the mondo (ring of fire) a little protection from the non-tournament players would have been nice. We had no less than 30 (thirty) groups of non-monthly players get between us and the group in front of us during the round. I know crowds are the default here, but having the 10 or so groups in the monthly protected (by not allowing other players in between) would have kept this from being a 7.5 hour round.

  2. I loved playing in my first tournament at Morley Field (didn’t score well). However, I wish I had a sofa to take naps on during the tournament. Snapper, if we payed for playbands plus twice as much on top of that for the tourney fees, please leave a little room on the field for us to finish. It seems like we paid enough to keep non tourney players off the field during the morning hours, give us some room to throw and some people will surley take you and yours out for dinner afterward with all the time we saved on the field! Drinks on me!!! Stay Classy San Diego!!!

  3. Not that it really matters…but just for the record. Intermidiate division was a tie for 5th and 6th at -3 that required a play off. It was not 5th at -3 and 6th at -2 as published.

  4. Seven under (SEVEN) is hardly “novice” play! What a bunch of sand baggers. I feel sorry for all the suckers who actually paid to play in the novice division thinking they could win with anything not under par. Move to the next division chumps!

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