New Discraft Midrange Disc: The Hornet

What Discraft says about the Hornet.  The Hornet is a fast, overstable midrange with a longer glide than you would expect.The Hornet has a medium hard fade finish.  The Hornet will hold a line in a moderate to strong head wind and still fade at the finish.

Most users said the disc performance was between a Wasp and a Stalker, also compared as a more overstable Impact.  If you snap it, it will fly strait and flat and then fade fairly hard at the end.  Many users also had good performance on big hyzer throws when you take a high line, the disc was said to work well on thumber and tomahawk throws as well.

Available at the proshop soon.
(This post is for information purposes and does not constitute a recommendation by Morley Field)


One Response to “New Discraft Midrange Disc: The Hornet”

  1. Love this disc! Got mine in the Ace Race and have had nothing but success with it. If you throw mostly Innova, think of it like an overstable Roc. I’m a huge Roc fan, and the hornet matches everything I love about the Roc, but gives me the extra stability that I want. Definitely worth checking out.

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