2010 Team Tourney Results

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1st-SD 6-1
2nd-SM 6-1
3rd-HB 6-1
4th-RE 4-3
5th-SC 3-4
6th-SDNC 2-5
7th OG 1-6
8th AZ 0-7
San Diego won in the finals 7-5 over Sylmar.
L 1) Micah Dorius 3 vs. Steve Rico 4
W 2) Carlo Pelg 6 vs. Gabe Cota 4
L 3) Josh Damron 3 vs. Chris Horn 7
W 4) Angel Garcia 4 vs. Bamba Rico 3
W 5) Mike Brown 7 vs. John Tompkins 2
L 6) Dave Devine 6 vs. Ken McKelvey 7
W 7) Mike Slonim 5 vs. Mike Byrne 3
W 8) John Heaton 8 vs Gary Sandoval 4
L 9) Paul Morgavo 4 vs. Jerry Goff 8
W 10) Jeff Nichols 7 vs. Rich Dionne 3
W 11) Snapper Pierson 4 vs. Mark Horn 1
L 12) Kayleen Boyle 2 vs. Jennifer Varnell 3
The event was not without controversy. At the end of round-robbin play there was a 3 way tie for first. The tie breaking scenario is spelled out in the WFDF Official Rules of Flying Disc Sports. “206.04 Tie Breaking Procedures: In round-robbin play, ties in which two teams have identical win/loss records, are broken by virtue of the head-to-head match in that round. If three or more teams are tied, the following procedure is used to advance one team:
A. If one of the teams has the best record against the other teams with whom they are tied in that round, advance that team.
B.If the tie remains, rank the net point totals of each team from those games played against the other tied teams, and advance the team with the best net point total.
If another team must also be advanced, the following procedure is used:
A. If advancement must be decided between two teams which remain from a previous three team tie, the head-to-head match in that round shall be used.”
San Diego got in on net point differential and Sylmar got in having beaten Huntington Beach in their preliminary round-robbin match. Huntington Beach was understandably disappointed on missing out on the finals having beaten San Diego 6 (37) vs. Huntington Beach 6 (38) in the preliminary round-robbin round.

Match 1

SD  7.5        VS   RE  4.5

HB  10         VS  OG  2

SC  7           VS   AZ  5

NC  6(30)    VS   SM  6(33)

Match 2

SM  7.5       VS  SC  4.5

NC  7          VS  AZ  3

SD  9          VS  OG  3

HB  7          VS  RE  5

Match 3

SD  9           VS  AZ  3

HB  5.5       VS  SM  6.5

SC  4.5        VS  RE  7.5

NC 6.5        VS  OG 5.5

Match 4

SC  8           VS  OG  4

NC  4          VS  RE  8

SD  9.5       VS  SM  2.5

HB  9.5       VS  AZ  2.5

Match 5

SD  8.5       VS  NC  3.5

HB  6.5       VS  SC  5.5

SM  6.5       VS  RE 2.5

AZ  5.5       VS  OG  6.5

Match 6

SM  9.5       VS  OG  2.5

AZ  3          VS  RE  9

SD  6.5       VS  SC  5.5

HB  8         VS  NC  4

Match 7

SD  6(37)   VS  HB  6(38)

SC  6(38)   VS  NC  6(35)

SM  7.5      VS  AZ  4.5

OG  5         VS  RE  7

5 Responses to “2010 Team Tourney Results”

  1. Not sure who updates this, but can you also post the net point totals to help clear up this controversy for thosewho are hearing it third party?

  2. Its awesome that you put the rule up here on the website, Mark… I think peoples major beef was that the rule wasn’t posted anywhere on anything having to do with this event. The posted rules said ties were broken by total points period. I probably didn’t need to write “period”, just put one in :p oh well.

  3. Dendog Gordon Says:

    Wow…..do whatever it takes to win, eh Snapper?

  4. Just for the record, the Match 2 scores are incorrect. It should be Sylmar (SM) beating Santa Cruz (SC) 7.5 – 4.5 not the other way around, as listed above.

    Also, I think that all the rules need/tie breakers/etc. Should be in writing somewhere prior to the tourny because after the matches prior to the finals, no one realy knew what was going on, and depending on which way you calculated, a different team made it….

  5. Dendog Gordon Says:

    Yes, I totally agree! Snapper also needs to order more food so NO one goes without eating!!! I’ve seen spectators eating while players go without, what’s up with that???

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