2010 Team Tournament Info

Course Closed To The Public During Tournament

Tournament Player Package – click here

7 Responses to “2010 Team Tournament Info”

  1. who is on team SD 2010?

  2. Mike Slonim Says:

    1 Micah
    2 Carlo
    3 Josh
    6 Dave Devine
    7 Me
    8 John Heaton
    9 Paul M
    10 Jeff Nichols
    11 Snapper
    12 Kayleen

    Angel Garcia won Monday’s grinder. There is another grinder Thursday 9am to determine the other open spot. They may or may not play each other, depending on whether Chris Villmoran wants to be on the team.

  3. Mike Slonim Says:


    Chris’s last name is spelled Vilmorin.

  4. Mike Westerman Says:

    Gave it my best shot in the grinder, but John threw the Heaton on me.
    Great competition and sportsmanship by all that day.
    Go team SD! We will not be denied a repeat championship.

  5. I heard a rumor that Oregon isn’t coming down this year… Any updates on this?

  6. morleyfieldsd Says:

    Correct. They had to back out. A Kit Carson team will replace them.

  7. Sad but TRUE. Team Oregon is not coming this year. We were not able to put together a Team that could spend the $ it takes for us to attend.

    Good luck to ALL teams…except SD, of course. ;-)

    Peace from the Captian – Team Oregon

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