Team San Diego 2010

As of 10/25/10

1 Micah Dorius
2 Carlo Pelg
3 Josh Dameron
4. Angel Garcia
5. Mike Brown
6 Dave Devine
7 Mike Slonim
8 John Heaton
9 Paul Morgavo
10 Jeff Nichols
11 Snapper
12 Kayleen Boyle

Angel Garcia won Monday’s grinder. There is another grinder Thursday 9am to determine the other open spot.

3 Responses to “Team San Diego 2010”

  1. mariojuana Says:

    wow… no vilmorin or spracklen? Not looking good for sd to repeat.

  2. hey mariohater,check this out,”ARRIBA SAN DIEGO”

  3. Mike Slonim Says:

    Geroge Spracklen beat Max Nichols and Mike Brown beat Justin in the first match of the grinder this morning. Tied after 19 holes, Mike beats George on the second hole of sudden death.

    Chris Vilmorin may still decide to play. If that happens, Angel and Mike will play off for the final spot.

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