Morley Player Profile: Bill Richards

Bill Richards
Nicknames: “Boomer Bill” and “Mr. Putter” (not because I make them)
PDGA#: 11016
Division: Pro Legends in 2011 (I will be 69 yrs. old)

Began Playing Disc Golf:
I started playing around 1993 or 94.  I played tournament racquetball for 20 years and the younger guys were starting to pound me.  I have two sons that when I played them in racquetball I didn’t let up much.  They found disc golf and played for about a year before  inviting me to play.  They did not let up. The first round I threw 28 over.  But, what I found was a sport that converted over very well from racquetball and was played in age brackets.  I was off and running.

First Disc:
167 Panther (Still have it.)

Favorite Hole at Morley:
16 in the long position. (big an-hyser)

Favorite Story:
Consistency is everything!  I was playing hole one in the C position at Morley Field.  I threw a hyser over the top of the trees on the right and stuck the disc in the very top branch of the tallest tree.  I just said forget about it and kept playing.  When I was up on hole one to start the second round, I threw the same hyser shot.  I knocked my stuck disc out of the top of the tree.

Morley Field Aces:
30 +

Favorite Disc:
2nd run candy Valkyrie

Favorite Drivers:
150 R-Pro Boss

Favorite Midranges:
San Marino Roc

Favorite Putter:
R-Pro Cro

In My Bag:
I carry 40 or 50 disks in my trunk + what’s in my bag. My bag changes depending on the course I am playing.  I have several of the same model and weight discs that go in and out of my bag. This gives me good disc rotation and makes it less traumatic when I lose a disc.  At this time my bag contains:

168 JK PRO Aviar – X putter — I use this for approaching and putting in the wind. If I was in Las Vegas and in the real bad wind, I would use my ROC to putt with.
175 R-Pro Cro – Very straight and sticky putter (I know it’s a midrange, but it’s a great putter).
150 R-Pro Boss – This is an old beat up disc I have to give a big hyser to when I throw it.  This is my longest driver with the wind.  It has a beautiful S flight.
153 Champion Valkyrie – Not as long in distance, but a much more accurate driver.  I use this with the wind when I have little room for error.
167 Champion Valkyrie – This is one of the first flat top Valkyrie’s.  Into moderate wind this is fairly straight.
172 Star Destroyer (2007 Gentlemen’s Club Disc) – This is beat up and fairly straight and long for a Destroyer.
170 Champion Destroyer (Fling XI Tournament Disc) – Awesome into the wind long driver.
174 KC Pro TeeBird – Medium to long approach Hyser.
180 San Marino ROC – Straight approach.  Great for a World’s type course where you are throwing through trees, narrow fairways or mandatory’s.
172 Special Edition Leopard – Long and short left breaking roller. 
178 Stingray – Older flat top.  Long right breaking roller.  A secret shot to get through tough, tight or narrow fairways is to hyser a Stingray low and straight and it will go straight for a100 to 150 feet.
180 Stingray – A short right roller. Perfect for an easy birdie on Morley hole one in the short  position.  I buy these from Snapper out of the rental inventory.  The more beat up the better.

Tourney wins and / or Top 5 finishes (not necessarily from Morley):
1996 WFDF Pro Senior Grand Master World Champion – 2002 PDGA Pro Senior Grand Master World Doubles Champion – I have played in the last 8 PDGA Pro Senior Grand Master World Championships, highest finish 3rd – Held the World Pro Senior Grand Master distance record, longest 413 ft. – 1997, 2001, 2003 and 2004 So Cal Senior Grand Master Series Champion 

Favorite Disc Golf Website:
PDGA, Aces and Morley Field

Tips for newer players and players looking to improve:
First thought – Practice, Practice and Practice.  Second thought –When you let up, the disc will fly further.  You will understand when you do it.  Don’t over throw.  Third thought – As you throw most discs will get beat up and change.  Understand they are changing and change your throw with them.  You will find some of your older discs to be your best discs.


2 Responses to “Morley Player Profile: Bill Richards”

  1. Gus Lyon Says:

    I don’t know anything about this kind of Golf but would love to here from you again. It’s good to see that you are still playing Frisbee Golf, and winning.
    Hey, I would love to get together with you again, what do you think. I’m living in Oceanside with my dog “Chevy” (a Beagle). I’m getting ready to take him and towing my “55 Chevy” on a little trip around the US both showing my car and experiencing life around the country.
    Let me know. Call me at 760-529-9039 Cell 760-717-3322 or at Do you know any of the old groups email addresses?
    Anyway Hope to hear from you.

  2. larry sanchez Says:

    hi bill we last playing about 10 years starting playing again…im larry sanchez I play doubles with u friend at the course chula vista I think..i would like to play with u again send m an email at layer62@yahoo,com an leave ur cell so we chat thanxs bill…ur friends larry sanchez

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