Disc Golf For The PS3 – “Hands On” Review!

We are thrilled to bring you a “hands-on” review of the disc golf section of Sports Champions w/ Move controller for the PS3. As an avid discgolfer and gamer, this reviewer can speak from a knowledge of the sport and it’s intricacies and fun factor.

In our terms…

– Graphics
– Fun factor
– Re-playability – multiple skill levels increase realism (putts dont stick like glue, etc…).
– Three tee positions on every hole add great variety

– Disc aerodynamics
– Gameplay physics
– Available throws – hyzers, anhyzers, thumbers, rollers, etc…
– Move controller feels at home in disc golfer’s hand
– Course design: Fun, varied holes. Elevation shots, water hazards, etc…
– Skills challenges (aim, accuracy , distance, etc…)
– Ability to add your own personal music during play

– In essence only one 18 hole course. Need two or three!  (to be fair the Disc Golf section of Sports Champions for the PS3 in one of six sports included in the package. One course with variations is fine/par, we just wished it had more! Can you say “PSN DG DLC ASAP!”?)

 Overall review: CHAINS!

reviewer update as of 9/21: My seven year old and I have continued to enjoy Sports Champions for the PS3, especially the Disc Golf section. With multiple skill level options players of all abilities can compete together in a round of up to four players. We have hosted a few evenings of virtual disc golf for friends both avid and newer players, ALL commenting positively on the fun and relative accuracy in capturing this wonderful sport of ours. The producers of the disc golf segment obviously went the extra mile to include the culture, from the tee signs to the unlockable fly-dye discs. Very cool. If you have a PS3 Sports Champions is A MUST HAVE!

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4 Responses to “Disc Golf For The PS3 – “Hands On” Review!”

  1. I play Disc golf and have been for a little over a year and i love it, and I have a PS3 and have mostly racing games…. Grid and Dirt & Dirt 2 are the best… I wonder… What is the cost of this game pack

  2. Don’t you wish real Disc Golf baskets were that big? :)

  3. bud conner Says:

    I’m pissed. You can’t custom your player and there is only 1 full corse. I find this game to be no better than Wii sport resort.

  4. With all the bad games out their couldnt we take a shoot at a full pdga game. Even if sports champions made an expansion pack with one or two more 18 hole courses id be more than satisfied. but the fact that they removed disc golf from sports champ 2 isnt making me feel hopefull. Btw this game is 1,000 times better and nothing like wii resorts.

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