The King of The “Pink Ace”?

We all know a few disc golfers who “pad” their ace stats by camping on hole #1 short at Morley. Bless their hearts.

Our investigative team’s extensive research uncovered the term for this. It is called a “Pink Ace” or a “Cubby Ace”. The trusted internet defines this as follows a) an ace where you sit at a short hole and empty your bag trying for an ace, preferably with a camera running or  b) an ace on a hole you could nail with a beach Frisbee. Both seem fitting.


Who is this man and what has Carl “Cubby” Cubbedge done to deserve this term?

We’ll provide these links and let you decide if he deserves the title “King of the Pink Ace”.

(in our opinion he looks like a nice guy who needs a big hug!)


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