Donny Olow Is One Busy Man!

…filed under useless info. Here are some interesting stats from Below are the top 5 players with the most hits on their player profiles in the past year.  Discuss.

Donny Olow 2,500
Micah Dorius 349
Kevin “KG” Gomez 302
Ben Rutherford 241
Aaron Van Matre 224

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4 Responses to “Donny Olow Is One Busy Man!”

  1. Does it record how many of those hits were self-inflicted?

  2. Nice, I am #4. I’ll take it.

  3. morleyfieldsd Says:

    I am not sure of the legitimacy of your and Aaron’s numbers. You are good friends and #4 and #5? Maybe you look at each others pages once a day! lol

  4. mariojuana Says:

    Donny’s a big ole PIMP!! Scrubs line up… you might get a chance 2 carry Donnie’s bag!

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