Morley Player Profile: Steve Roberts

Steve X. Roberts
Nickname: SXR, Knuckles
Division: Novice

Began Playing Disc Golf:
I started playing the Summer of ’08. My brother took me out one day after a particularly bad workweek. I was a interesting way to blow of steam throwing disc as hard and far as possible. After that I started going out more and more for the excercise for myself and my dog, Phoenix, the culture playing and a bit of sibling rivalry.

Favorite Hole At Morley:
I really enjoy the long positions for Holes 5, 10 and 19. I get a kick out of throwing long bombs when the chance arrives.

First Disc:
My first disc was the one by brother gave me, a 171 destroyer. Later it became my dogs disc when we play.

Morley Field Aces:
Hole 1 at 197′ and hole 17 at 176′ in one day. I have also aced hole 16 at 225′ with a driver and a putter. Hole 9 at 285′. Black aced hole 8 from pad 7.

Favorite Disc:
My dog Phoenix, a guaranteed bird everytime if I give him the disc. My Champion Valkyries at 175g. Just tends to be my good all around go to disc.

Favorite Driver:
Tie dye 175 Champion Valkyrie. I can get it to bomb far and fairly straight. I can also get it to turn over and hold the line when needed.

Favorite Midrange:
175 Afterschock. I goes exactly where I throw it and if I need a roller it works great there too.

Favorite Putter:
My purple/red FLX Challenger 173g. It works pretty good for me since I understand the characteristics of it and get it to go in 9/10 times.

Favorite Disc Golf Website: becuase it shows and talks about all the local events and people there. If I want to check out another course I can be taken directly to the info I need with the easy links. Oh and Mark Wilson is a great Webhost/Webcreater.

Favorite Pro Player:
That is easy, Snapper. The guy makes everything look effortless. He knows what he is doing and is really good at recommending Disc to use/try, tips and techniques to change your game up and improve it.

Tips For New Players or Players Trying To Improve:
Talk to Snapper. The man really knows his stuff. He has helped me improve my throws and technique. Other than that watch others who play, observe how they throw and putt. You can also group up with someone who has been there for a while and pick up tips. Most of all it is a game. Don’t take things to seriously other wise you just aggravate yourself and start doing poorly.


3 Responses to “Morley Player Profile: Steve Roberts”

  1. Nice steve, you gone long ways bud,you the man,

  2. jens ritchie Says:

    hey i know you and your dog, see you this weekend

  3. bromannater Says:

    ive been playing for a year and a half and i have no aces and i have yet to shoot par. how do i get better? I know carlos has been playing for less then 6 months and he already has 2 aces and has shot 5 under par. Maybe its the alcohol that messes up my aim. or maybe its the pot that i smoke before each game.

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