A New Disc Golf Bag

Large Nutsac

This review would have been posted sooner but it took us days to come up with an appropriate title for the article. We thought we’ll leave the jokes up to you, the reader. Good luck with that.

Our new friends over at the Disc Golf Station recently sent us two new Nutsac Disc Golf bags for review. Needless to say, these Nutsacs are very unique!

Nutsac Pros:
– Unique
– Low profile. Remove discs easily from the bag
– Very lightweight but heavy duty Cannonball Canvas
– Bag bottom fits curve of the disc
– Front pocket with snaps
– Weather flap
– The small Nutsac holds the perfect number of discs (6) for a casual round.
– The large Nutsac hold up to 14 discs in two divided compartments (and bottle holder)

Nutsac Cons:
– New ones kinda look like a purse. When they are beat in, they look pretty cool
– A little pricey (but Disc Golf Station has a good price on them!)
– Only one color

Look for one of our Nutsacs out on the course and see for yourself!

Disc Golf Station
Free shipping w/ no minimum order, ship your order same day if ordered before 3PM CST on weekdays.  They are also close to completion of a Disc Golf Course Locator and are preping for videos that demonstrate how certain discs (should) fly.


One Response to “A New Disc Golf Bag”

  1. ryan gwillim Says:

    The love child of sword wielding SCA folk and disc golfers.

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