Morley Player Profile: Christina Scantlin

Cristina Scantlin
PDGA#: 42326
Division:  Intermediate

Began Playing Disc Golf:
In May 2009 at Morley with my Best Friend Meesh and Dale aka Godfather. … It is fun and challenging all at the same time.

First Disc:

Favorite Hole at Morley:
Hole 14 is where I hit a 50 foot putt and got a Birdie on it

Morley Field Aces: 0

Favorite Disc:
My Avenger since I’m able to side arm it and I know how it flies.

Favorite Driver (and why?):
150 Valkyrie… it was my first disc and I finally know what it does

Favorite Midrange:
AfterShock… it just feels good.

Favorite Putter (and why?):
I don’t have one just yet. I keep going between an Aviar, a Rhyno, and now possibly an Aero.

In My Bag:
R-Pro Boss

Tourney wins and / or Top 5 finishes (not necessarily from Morley:
5th place at the 2009 Lady Lama and 4th place at 2010 Fountain Hills Thrills

Favorite Disc Golf Website (and why?):,, and

Favorite Pro Player (and why?):
Tips for newer players and players looking to improve: Learn how to throw flat and you’ll go far… Pretend there is a glass of water on the disc and you don’t want to spill it.

What Is Your Most Embarrassing Disc Golf Story / Moment?:
Lets see… My first day out on the course I was on a card with Hawk and while I was throwing my squall on hole 6 I hit him in the “Non-throwing” arm. And if that wasn’t enough I have hit 3 more people and have come close to hitting about 6 other people, so whenever I play with new people I warn them ahead of time.


One Response to “Morley Player Profile: Christina Scantlin”

  1. My non-throwing arm has never been the same…I did get some payback though…yep, yep…

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