How To Play Morley Field: Hole #4


5 Responses to “How To Play Morley Field: Hole #4”

  1. You should have Micah demonstrate some of the shots. Not everyone understands the terms he uses from the Disc Golf lexicon. It’s just an idea!

  2. morleyfieldsd Says:

    Funny you should ask. That one goes up next week!

  3. anthropocentric Says:

    Yes! I think you should keep all videos to 90 seconds MAX (60 seconds is better). At the end, you should throw the disc!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You can explain what happened after you threw (“well, that looks pretty good – I threw it a bit left to what I intended but I should be at a good uphill putt spot”)

    Without throwing its like “all menu and no meal”

  4. morleyfieldsd Says:

    6 positions per hole. at least 6 different throws. to tough to do in a short video

  5. mariojuana Says:

    yeaaahhh!! lets see micah throw some sweet run up 360 full body rotation rollers using 150g polecats!!

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