New Disc Golf Course Coming Soon In Escondido!

The Escondido City Council this week agreed to let the San Diego Aces Disc Golf Club install and maintain an 18-hole disc golf course on the northern end of Kit Carson Park near the amphitheater, with Bear Valley Parkway as its eastern boundary.

Read more about it at the San Diego Aces Disc Golf Club website. We should ALL thank the Aces Board of Directors for the many, many hours of hard work to get this and other (upcoming) courses in the San Diego County area!

Join the SD Aces soon to support the building of new courses!


6 Responses to “New Disc Golf Course Coming Soon In Escondido!”

  1. Benjamin Rutherford Says:

    Great news!

  2. Ryan Meyer Says:

    Your Welcome San Diego!

  3. Thank you Ryan Meyer. Your work on getting the course installed was instrumental.

  4. this is great, dont get me wrong, however its still to far from the city of san diego, which is where the heart of our population is. We are in serious need of another local disc golf course close to morley field. morley is too overcrowded with people who have no idea whats going on. not to mention the horrible course design which makes it unsafe to even golf there. It is putting people in risk for no reason. Ive come here from the east coast last year and in all my ten years of playing disc golf i haven’t heard FORE more than at that course. There is a proposal in the works for a more local course which the location has already researched and i believe one is almost picked out. All support is needed from everyone for this to happen!! feel free to email me with question i would love to get together and get some input from any or all!!!! good work on bringing another course to the area!!!!

  5. Chris
    If you would like to help San Diego get more courses, work with the San Diego Aces. Their top priority is to install new courses in San Diego. I believe their efforts are installing 2-3 courses this year alone.
    I agree, Morley is too crowded and dangerous.

  6. Congrats on the Escondido Park. When will it be completed? If you know the Lat/Lon cordinates we can add them to our course finder at Would like to work with everyone to promote our sport. Feel free to contact. Thanks again!

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