Morley Player Profile: Brendan Sage

editors note – in honor of the upcoming New Orleans Saints victory in the Super Bowl, we present “Sage”, ‘Orlean’s native and Hurricane Katrina survivor. Sage is one of the founding members of the new kids disc golf organization –  YDGA. Read his story there.

Brendan Sage “aka” Sage
PDGA#: 39549

Began Playing Disc Golf:
1997 at Buccaneer State Park in Waveland, MS

First Disc:
DX Shark and a Purana putter

Favorite Hole at Morley:
15 D was my first ace at Morley but hole 17 is my favorite because it reminds me of back home. (lots of trees)

Morley Field Aces:
holes 1,2 twice,4,15 twice, 16, and hole 19

Favorite Disc:
DGA Sparkle Squall

Favorite Driver:
Champ. Orc

Favorite Midrange:

Favorite Putter:
This week it’s  a KC Pro  Aviar last week was the Reef and maybe I’ll go back to my Magic, who knows ask the chains!

In My Bag:
Star Boss
Champ Orc
Champ Katana
Champ Excaliber
Champ Sidewinder
Star Teerex
2 Sparkle Rouge
Champ Tee Bird
Sp. Squall
Champ Gator
Sp. Reef
KC Pro Aviar

Tourney wins and / or Top 5 finishes:
2009 Morley Field Course Championship AM 5Th Place -5

Favorite Disc Golf Website:

Favorite Pro Player:
Bobby Musick He loves to play the game and has fun while he does it!
Tips for newer players and players looking to improve:
Find a pro in your area play with them and ask them as many questions as you can with out making them run away hoping you will be quiet for just 5 minutes! good luck and keep sling’n


One Response to “Morley Player Profile: Brendan Sage”

  1. James Araya Says:

    Yo sage! how have you been man. you should call me 7153798957, sorry i lost your number. but i have some tourneys comin up here in wisconsin next year. was wondering if maybe a you and a few of the guys would like to come out and tear shit up. you can help me show these rednecks how west coasters play.

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