Morley Field .com is offering a $25 reward to whomever has information that leads to the return of the stolen basket on hole 12. Players found the basket missing Sunday morning and it will be a least a week before it can be replaced. Morley Field prides itself on being a great tight-knit community of disc golfers. Lets hope it was just “less than intelligent” vandals and not a fellow disc golfer. That would be a shame. Send an email to morleyfieldsd@yahoo.com with any information that will lead to the return of the basket. Names will be left anonymous.


4 Responses to “Why?…”

  1. Steve X. Roberts (SXR) Says:

    This is really messed up. I was annoyed today playing learning that the pin was “stolen”. All I can say is WTF and I hope the moron that did it gets some vigilante justice on their buttocks, mediveal(sp) style.

  2. Someone needs to educate all the newer players about the local etiquette of morley field, it’s not just the basket, it’s also the “lost or I found it disc” that for some reason appears in some other dude’s bag, if you find a disc, please take it to the pro shop, don’t burn us, disc cost money that now a days is hard to come by.

  3. jens ritchie Says:

    ok i played the course sunday and had to hear from someone that pin telve did a keyser soze I THIS IS STUPID well if see the guy im using him next time as a practices pin fro driving POINT…BLANK… RANGE in of story

  4. its been over a week, lets get a new one in there ASAP!

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