How To Play Morley Field: Hole #1

We are starting the new year off with the introduction of our new video instructional series “How To Play Morley Field”. We will post a new video for each hole once a week for 19 weeks. This series will include tips from our local Team Innova sponsored pro and 11 Time Morley Field Course Champion Micah Dorius. These 3-4 minute videos are focused on the novice to intermediate level players looking to improve their game with insights on how to play each hole position and deal with its unique features.

We hope you will enjoy this series and walks away each week with new insight to improve your game. We are glad to hear your comments and welcome any ideas for more instructional Disc Golf videos.



4 Responses to “How To Play Morley Field: Hole #1”

  1. The video stops after 6 seconds. Any idea why?

  2. morleyfieldsd Says:

    Checking. So far no problems on 15 other computers.

  3. seems to be my laptop that is having the issue…worked for me on another computer

  4. morleyfieldsd Says:


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