Coming Soon To A Bag Near You

Discraft Nuke
PDGA Approved 10/31/09
A maximum distance with the widest rim legally allowed helps to give NUKE a huge distance advantage, and the 1.6 stability rating makes it more useful to a wider range of players.  The Discraft NUKE will be released spring 2010.

Maker           Mx wt  Diam   ht   rim    rim    rim   rm dpth     rm config   
Discraft Nuke   176.0   21.2   1.5  1.2   16.2   2.5   5.7          28.25       
Innova Boss     176.0   21.2   1.5  1.2   16.2   2.5   5.7          26.00       
Innova Katana   176.0   21.2   1.8  1.2   16.3   2.5   5.7          26.25


2 Responses to “Coming Soon To A Bag Near You”

  1. wow!! that disc must b grrreat 4 huge anhyzer flex shots!!

  2. I just got a Katana and really like it. It’s hard to control because it flips easily, but I popped one 490′ this last weekend making that my farthest throw without elevation assistance. I’d like to get a nuke though…

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