“The Rebound From The Beatdown”

Team San Diego redeemed themselves from last years disappointing finish in this past weekends 29th Annual Southwestern Team Invitational Disc Golf Tournament.

Team leader Micah Dorius went 7-0 to lead San Diego into the finals against Team Huntington Beach. George Spracklen shut the door for a victory with an Ace on Hole 2 – long in his final hole of play (92!). Congrats to all team San Diego Micah Dorius, Chris Villmorin, George Spracklen, Carlo Pelg, Dave Devine, Mike Slonim, Snapper Pierson and Emily Hardy. Special congrats go out to the four (that’s a lot!) rookies who more than held their own in the grueling weekend of play… Josh Damron, Luke Christensen, Daniel Lichtman and Mike Westerman.

Final Standings:
San Diego 8-0
Huntington Beach 5-3
Santa Cruz 5-2
Oregon 4-3
Arizona 2-5
Oak Grove 1-6
Redwood Empire 0-7

SM 7.5 VS OG4.5
OR 5.5 VS SC 6.5
HB 3.5 VS SD 8.5
RE 4.0 VS AZ 8.0

HB 7.5 VS AZ 4.5
RE 3.0 VS SD 9.0
SM 5.0 VS SC 7.0
OR 7.0 VS OG 5.0

SM 4.5 VS SD 7.5
OR 7.5 VS AZ 4.5
HB 7.0 VS OG 5.0
RE 4 .0 VS SC 8.0

HB 8.5 VS SC 3.5
RE 5.5 VS OG 6.5
SM 6.5 VS AZ 5.5
OR 6.0(35) VS SD 6.0(41)

SM 7.5 VS RE 4.5
OR 5.0 VS HB 7.0
AZ 7.5 VS OG 4.5
SD 10 VS SC 2.0

AZ 6.0 VS SC 6.0
SD 5.5 VS OG 3.5
SM 7.0 VS HB 5.0
OR 9.0 VS RE 3.0

SM 5.5 VS OR 6.5
HB 8.0 VS RE 4.0
AZ 3.5 VS SD 8.5
SC 8.0 VS OG 4.0

SD 8.0 VS HB 4.0

Over 500 pictures of the event.


8 Responses to ““The Rebound From The Beatdown””

  1. Godfather Says:

    Congrats Team San Diego!! Way to represent and bring home the trophy.

  2. Mike Westerman Says:

    A huge thank you goes out to everyone who had a piece in putting this awesome team tournament together. Being a “rookie” I was a bit out of my comfort range, but did the very best I could to help the team win. And win we did !!! The amazing support from fellow team members and local Morley greats (Greg Olson, Ben Rutherford, Beanieman, Sage and MDub) really pulled me through. I appreciate it immensely. SD 2009 !!!

  3. Congrats Team SD.

  4. DENNYB OG Captian Says:

    So…..Does OG get to come back next year?

  5. Mike Brown Says:

    I was hoping that you would post some info on who battled who and some of the indv scores. I wasn’t there so would be nice to have some more specific info on the tourney

  6. morleyfieldsd Says:

    yeah, that would be cool but the stats are actually kept only by the rankings. ie.. Player #1 for Santa Cruz plays Player #1 from San Diego, then players Player #1 from Sylmar etc.. until they have player all the 7 other teams. So it can be done by comparing the matchups with the Player ranking. … lot’s of work, but it can be done.

    Hope this helps.

  7. Couple of scores from finals

    Snapper vs. Tom Clickner, snap wins 2-0 (got early lead and held it)
    Emily vs. Emina Weaver, Emily wins 3-2 (won on last hole, 11)

  8. Benjamin Rutherford Says:

    Big D and Davis tied in the Finals, 6-6. Davis made a 35 foot putt on the last hole, hole 6, to push after Big D’s drive was inside 15 feet. Dave Devine (with three discs) took Steve Killian 10-3, I believe.

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