Match Play Grinder Invitationals

Match Play Grinder Invitationals
Sat. Nov 21  9:00 a.m.

The following individuals are invited to participate in the match play double elimination qualification tourney for the 2009 San Diego Team. There are 3 spots left in the Open division and 1 spot left in Masters.

Open Division

1-Josh Damron

2-Luke C.

3-Jeremiah M.

4-Alex T.

5-Kevin G.

6-Josh E.

7-Mark Jarvis

8-Willie L.

9-Mike Lust

10-Angel G.

Masters Division

1-John Heaton

2-Kona K.

3-Mike W.

5-Don O

6-Jeff N.


8-Kent L.


7 Responses to “Match Play Grinder Invitationals”

  1. Mike Brown Says:

    My money is on one of the Josh’s!

  2. ryan gwillim Says:

    When can we expect to see the rosters?

  3. morleyfieldsd Says:

    They’ve been up for a while :)

  4. No CENT? SD will lose until CENT is back on the team. Check the stats.


  5. ryan gwillim Says:

    Let me try this again…

    Where are the rosters for the teams?

  6. morleyfieldsd Says:

    none yet

  7. Mark, you have me up for the playoff…not gonna happen, way too much happening on the 5th + the work going on right now (a commercial to finish up tomorrow) leaving it up to those better suited time wise to put into it what it requires. Thanks, Kent

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