Bag Tags #1 and #2 Spotted At Morley

Contrary to popular speculation, San Diego Aces bag tags #1 and #2 are not sealed away in an airtight vault. In “random” happenstance, Micah Dorius (who earned tag #1 with his win at the 2010 Course Championship) ran into the ever-youthful Dave Butcher early Monday morning at Morley Field. The crowd (of 5) gasped as the prestigious black tags seemingly levitated into the air above the challengers bags. In a fun early morning round, Micah defended #1 and Dave kept #2. All is well with the world.


3 Responses to “Bag Tags #1 and #2 Spotted At Morley”

  1. Don’t know where to post this question, but is there any scheduled events for Morley this month, such as the monthly or a turkey shoot?

  2. morleyfieldsd Says:

    none that I have been made aware of by Snapper

  3. patrickparamore Says:

    Angel almost defended #2 the other day. Keep an eye out for the tag so we can get it back in the mix.

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