Morley Player Profile: Emily Hardy

IMG_4608Emily Hardy

PDGA#  26129

Division  Open Women

Sponsor: Baskethead Disc Golf


Began Playing Disc Golf:

I played competitive Ultimate frisbee for about 8 years before I discovered disc golf. I moved up to Lake Tahoe in 2001 for the winter season, and there was no ultimate team at the time.  So I decided to try disc golf. I showed up by myself at the Zephyr Cove course with one disc, no map, and no clue about how to play.  Lucky for me, some locals rolled up and kindly offered for me to join them. I’m so glad I did! Started playing tournaments in 2005.


First Disc:

It was a tie dye Stratus, which I still have. It’s so beat that its even understable at the Mountain High course.


Favorite Hole at Morley:

7, because there are no “gimme” birdie positions on this hole.


Morley Field Aces:

3: 14 C (star starfire),  15 C (my first ace ever- z predator), 16 A (x comet).


Favorite Disc:

The Z Buzzz is the best! You can throw it hard, it’s fast, and it’s stable. If I could only play with one disc, the Buzzz would be it.


Favorite Drivers:

Predator for overstable/windy conditions, Rogue for distance


Favorite Midranges:

Buzzz, Comet


Favorite Putter:

FLX Challenger–only the goldie will do!


In My Bag:
not a whole lot– mastering a few discs is easier than lugging around 20!

FLX Challenger

Z Buzzz

Y Comet

2-3 Rogues (various stability)

Z Predator

Pro Destroyer


Tourney wins and / or Top 5 finishes (not necessarily from Morley):

07 Worlds, 2nd in Mixed Doubles

06 & 07 So Cal Championships, 1st,  Pro Women

06, U.S. Women’s Championships, 8th, Pro Women

07, Golden State Classic, 3rd, Pro Women


Favorite Disc Golf Website:   It’s like Facebook, but just for disc golf.


Favorite Pro Player:

Valerie Jenkins– She’s the top woman player in the world! She can throw it a mile and putt, too. Val is also really humble and friendly with everybody she plays with.  Val is great role model for younger players and an awesome ambassador for disc golf.


Tips for newer players and players looking to improve:

Go out to a field and practice.  Too many new players just go to Morley and think they’ll get better automatically.  If you want to best, fastest way to improve, get out to a park. Pick a particular skill that you want to work on, such as your grip, follow through, or keeping the disc low. Bring all of your discs and focus on just that skill.  You don’t have to worry about errant shots or taking too long.  You’ll see your game improve dramatically!


4 Responses to “Morley Player Profile: Emily Hardy”

  1. ryan gwillim Says:

    Hooray Emily!

  2. I remember the Ace with your Starfire. Kevin Kelley was complaining about the disc and had you try it. You threw it right into the chains. You rock Emily.

  3. hey you i sent something to your yahoo account dont really know if its stilll you email or not but yeah.

  4. morleyfieldsd Says:


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