Morley October Monthly Results

Kevin Gomez     -16   $45
Dave Parnell     -12   $25
Jeff Nichols -10
Angel Garcia     -3
Mike Ballestas -2

Brendon Wear     -2   $46 shop credit + grab bag
Mark ‘Hawk’ Hawking     -1
KC Sowa      DNF
Justin Fitzpatrick     DNF

Jay H     -10^   $42 shop credit + grab bag
Pete Rudart    -8^   $34 shop credit
Utah      -4   $28 shop credit
Mason     -3   $20 shop credit
Chris McCoy     -3   $20 shop credit
Garret Burk     -1
Billy M     +1
RJ          +1
Shooter     +1
Dale Chambless     +2
Chris B     +3
Keith     +3
David M     +8
Don V     +9
Mike Holmes     +9
Todd     +16

^bumped to next division

4 Responses to “Morley October Monthly Results”

  1. advanced scores were weak sauce!

  2. …cant wait to play some of those intermediate players too…about time you guys move up!

  3. Benjamin Rutherford Says:

    I would’ve probably shot -7…again.

  4. that score is wrong I shot a -2…Brendon won Adv in 2nd playoff hole…

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