Morley Player Profile: Eric Simmons

Eric Simmons
(aka Jerry Parcia)eric
PDGA#: 34300
Division: MG1

Began Playing Disc Golf:
Played  1st pole hole course at Morley back in the 70’s (can’t remember 60’s & 70’s to well)

First Disc:
86 mold whamo

Favorite Hole at Morley:
17, got 1st Ace, over the top annhyzer, back in 70 something

Morley Field Aces:
…again, memory kind of fuzzy…?

Favorite Disc:
Z BUZZ , It goes straight

Favorite Driver:
Star Destroyer (special obstacle avoidance plastic formula)

Favorite Midrange:
see above

Favorite Putter:
…this week it’s  an aviar (Fling tourney disc)

In My Bag:

Tourney wins and / or Top 5 finishes:
2009 Santa Maria Open 1st MG1
2009 Sun Valley Open 1st MG1
2009 Sunrise Showdown 2nd MG1
2009 Summertime Open 2nd MG1
2008 Emerald Isle Open 1st MG1

Favorite Disc Golf Website:
The new (someone must put a lot of hard work to make it soooooooooooooooooooooo goooooooooooood)

Favorite Pro Player:
Snapper, Bill (Mr. Putter) Richards, & John Talent  because they have forgotten more about disc golf than I’ll ever know and they share the knowledge they can remember freely.

Tips for newer players and players looking to improve:
Play with Snapper, Bill, & J.T.


6 Responses to “Morley Player Profile: Eric Simmons”

  1. Eric may have a memory as fuzzy as mine re the ’70’s, but he sure remembers how to play the game! Always fun playing against him in tournaments……….

  2. is that one bottle or two of the Ibuprofen?

  3. Mike Tyberg Says:

    Ibuprofen is the funniest answer for that one… Nice one Eric!

  4. Peter Staats Says:

    Wait… What?

  5. Peter Staats Says:


  6. Scott Huston Says:

    Ace on 17 was more like 1981. Yes I was there to see it. Great shot.

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