Disc Golf Lingo: “Discribing”

discribing – (disc – cribing) the activity of using a Sharpie to place identifying marks on the disc used in the game of disc golf.

EXAMPLE IN A SENTENCE – “Because I had no time for discribing, everything in my bag is just as purchased. The problem, I lost a disc in the trees and now the finder won’t be able to disctinguish who the owner is.


One Response to “Disc Golf Lingo: “Discribing””

  1. Discribing sounds good. Disctinguish? Well, maybe if it wasn’t used in that horrible sentence. Made me feel a little, oh I don’t know… Discgusted! haha

    I must be a little Discturbed to be thinking like that.
    Stop disctorting the truth, there is no way you made that throw!
    Sometimes your throw is discproportionate to your arm strength.
    You seem a litttle Disconnected from the course today. (D’oh! That didnt work!)

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