Player Profile: Michael Lust “Lusty”

Michael “Lusty” Lustlust2
PDGA#: 27228
Division: Openish

Began Playing Disc Golf:
Morley, with some college buddies.  Some good economically friendly fun.

First Disc:
Cyclone Dx

Favorite Hole at Morley:
6, Where I set my first goal of making it to the grass consistently.

Morley Field Aces:
15 ish.  23 total.

Favorite Disc:
Old Blue,  My oldest disc I still use, blue Firebird that keeps coming back to me.

Favorite Driver:
Tee Bird.  Its got a little of everything in it.  Great all purpose fairway driver.

Favorite Midrange:
Buzz,  Same idea, can do it all, almost.

Favorite Putter:
Aviar x, when cold, KC Pro, when hot.  Mainly, which ever goes in most.

In My Bag:
Putters, Aviarx, KC pro
Mid ranges, Couple Buzzs, Used to have wasp, and a Gator
Drivers, Firebird, Max, TL, Teebird, Teerex, Destroyer, X Caliber, Road Runner and Stingray (primary rollers).

Tourney wins and / or Top 5 finishes (not necessarily from Morley):
Couple of good Am finishes,  2006 Morley Field Spring Fling Champion,  Nothing worth writing home about on Open side of things.

Favorite Disc Golf Website: obviously,,

Favorite Pro Player:
Ken Climo,  He’s the Champ!

Tips for newer players and players looking to improve:
Practice on an open field, or any where but a course.  You get more reps in less time.  Its all about the OTR, opportunity to respond.  You’ll get more on in an open field then at a course. Then maybe Morley field wouldn’t be so busy!!!
Secondly, If you want to get better, compete.  Playing in a competitive environment will improve your game faster then your casual rounds with your buddies you beat all the time.  You will see things you might have not seen before, and SEEING IS BELIEVING!
Also, Believe in your self.  Self Confidence is priceless.


3 Responses to “Player Profile: Michael Lust “Lusty””

  1. Benjamin Rutherford Says:

    I remember finding that blue Firebird washed up on the edge of the lake between hole 3 and 15 at EI.

  2. Wayne Boyles Says:

    Hey Mike
    Cool stuff here, I cant wait for the snow to melt, it is dumping right now. Too much snow for disking here. I may travel an hour or so where there is no snow.

  3. Nice Lust!
    How many discs do you carry when you play?
    How many discs do you have in your collection?

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