Morley Field on Fox 5 News


4 Responses to “Morley Field on Fox 5 News”

  1. They really didn’t need to comment about “adult beverages”… especially since it is not allowed on the course and that emphasis suggests otherwise. Why does the media have to suck?

  2. @Brandon;
    I don’t know that it was all that inaccurate, was it? If there weren’t so many people that drank alcohol at the course, the reporter probably wouldn’t have mentioned it. If the course staff doesn’t even attempt to enforce the “no alcohol” rule, then why should the news avoid it, or be held accountable for mentioning it?

    Hell, mentioning the alcohol was probably the best advertisement the course got in the whole story.

  3. I thought the very same thing. Great news article, until they just had to throw in the comment.

  4. morleyfieldsd Says:

    the post from “Micah” seems to be fraudulant and will be removed from the website. Whoever (if so) posted under his name should be ashamed and shoot horribly their next 10 rounds!

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