Morley Player Profile: Michelle Chambless

Hole 6Michelle Chambless
Nickname: “Meesh”
PDGA#: Not yet, next year for sure
Division: Rec/Intermediate Women

Began Playing Disc Golf:
December 2008. My husband Dale (aKa “Godfather”) became quickly addicted to disc golf and I had to see what all the hullabaloo was about. Now I am successfully addicted and have introduced 3 other women to the game

First Disc:
Borrowed –  175 Yellow champion Beast, Owned – 175 Pink & Gray Star Destroyer

Favorite Hole at Morley:
11 – Fun hole, shooting down hill like 5 without the head wind. Short positions are Ace-able and long positions are SUPER challenging (especially through the double mandy)

Morley Field Aces: Not yet!

Favorite Disc :
175 Champion Road Runner – I’m on my second one (lost my first one in the Lake at the El Do Open). Just flies right for me almost everytime

Favorite Driver:
150 R-Pro Boss – This disc is awesome! Flies FOREVER. My husband showed me how to Haizer Flip and now I can drive past the pyramid on 5 :0)

Favorite Midrange:
175 DX Cro – Stable enough to always come back

Favorite Putter:
170 R-Pro Aviar – Soft enough to stick in the chains, sturdy enough to get it there

In My Bag:
175 Champion Roadrunner
174 Tsunami163 DX Destroyer
167 Champion Groove
170 ESP Surge
175 Star Destroyer
175 DGA Rogue
169 Champion Leopard
169 Star TL|
174 Stratus
175 Teebird
150 R-Pro Boss
172 DX Skeeter
167 Star Skeeter
175 DX Cro
175 Star Kite

Tourney wins and / or Top 5 finishes:
1st Place – January 2009 Monthly (Women’s Division)
3rd Place – 2009 El Dorado Open (Intermediate Women’s Division)

Favorite Disc Golf Website: – It’s like social networking for the disc golf world, LOVE it

Favorite Pro Player:
Just like good potato chips, I can’t pick just 1 :0) Fave’s include: Carlo Pelg, Kent La Gree, Daniel “Big D” Lichtman, Kevin “KG” Gomez – ALL of these guys have contributed to my quick success in disc golf and I admire them all

Tips for newer players and players looking to improve:
Learn to throw flat first! I’ve taught/coached several people and that is the #1 thing I start them off with. Play with angles after you have more experience, start out flat!

One Response to “Morley Player Profile: Michelle Chambless”

  1. Godfather Says:

    You are so HOT! We should go on a date.

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