Morley Player Profile: Ken Jarvis

Ken JarvisP3093604trim

US: Mutant (thanks Miker)
NZ: Local Legend
Division: Open

Began Playing Disc Golf:
Had a family picnic in the park when we were 7 yrs old. Sat across from Hole 8 in the right position and some dude’s o.b. shot came rolling right onto our turf. My bro and I, fascinated, picked it up and started chuckin’ it. The dude came over and told us about Disc Golf! Took us several months before we tried it,and we never got serious until about 16 yrs(sidearm only). Started throwing backhand at 17 yrs.

First Disc:
White Super Puppy.

Favorite Hole at Morley:
3 in the long left position, 5 long, 6 long right position, 19 long position.

Morley Field Aces: 63

Favorite Disc:
Whippet X; pure throwing pleasure…

Favorite Driver:
Teebird, Aviar.

Favorite Midrange:
Champion Shark, and recently the Coyote.

Favorite Putter:
The discontinued Omega 1.2 Driver/Putter thing.
In My Bag (If I had one):
Champion Whippet X
10x Whippet X (beat up)
Star Excalibur
Star Teebird
Star Boss
Star Roadrunner (long roller, or distance over tall obstacles)
Champion Shark (beat up)
Champion Coyote
Champion Stingray
Star Cro
DX Shark (circa 1998 roller)
Aviar Driver (semi-beat straight, super beat flippy)

Tourney wins and / or Top 5 finishes:
Tied for 5th at the Flagstaff World Champs was definitely a memorable and fitting finish just before I left for New Zealand. Wins at Evergreen Open, Sylmar Open, San Diego Open and Wrightwood (Sunrise Showdown). Also of course breaking the distance record. – video

Favorite Disc Golf Website: and

Favorite Pro Player(s):
Marc Jarvis (his rise from a 200′ to 500′ thrower within a month is still the most amazing thing I have ever seen.) Micah Dorius, Donny Olow, Rick Bays (just be smooth), Bob Benner, Stevie Rico and Geoff Lissaman were HUGE influences.

Tips for newer players and players looking to improve:
Focus and visualize precisely where you want your shot to go. “Willing” it won’t work. Always embrace good luck because you will get plenty of bad. Finally, experiment. If you are parking a hole everytime with a hyzer, try the anhyzer or straight shot insead. It’ll pay off when you play other courses.


One Response to “Morley Player Profile: Ken Jarvis”

  1. ken rocks…. whats up bro…hope to see you at sunrise showdown 2009

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