July 2009 Morley Monthly Results

Mike Ballestas’ return to the Advanced division was short lived.  He and Aaron were tied at -6 going into the second round but Mike bettered his first round score and rolled to victory.  Brendan Wear took 3rd place from the second card after being in sixth going into the second round.

Mike Holmes achieved his first victory in any division.  He began the second round on the second card at even par and was two strokes out of the lead.  The lead card stumbled in the second round with the best score being an even par by Jose R.  Shooter, also on the second card, shot -1 in the second round to take 2nd place.

Mike Ballestas         -14^     $61.50 shop credit + grab bag
Aaron Van Matre     -9        $40 shop credit
Brendan Wear           -5         $25 shop credit
Luke                           -3
Patrick Paramore       -3
Ben Farris                    -3
Quin Henry                  E
Danny Z                      +2
Augie                           +3
Adam Cook                 +3
Serban                         +3

Mike Holmes         -4      $40 shop credit + grab bag
Shooter                 -1         $29 shop credit
Jose R                    -1       $29 shop credit
Ben Rutherford    E       $18.50 shop credit
Erik Mulhern         E        $18.50 shop credit
Tracy                     +2
Josh H                   +4
Nick                        +5
Sage                        +8
Donnie                   +9
Hawk                      +9
Spence S               +10
Shane D                 +14
Mike T                    +18

^ Bumped up to next division


2 Responses to “July 2009 Morley Monthly Results”

  1. Thanks for “NOT” posting novice scores.

  2. morleyfieldsd Says:

    Not intentional but your welcome. :)

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