Morley Player Profile: Tyler Courtney

Tyler Courtney CIMG7468
Intermediate / Recreational

Began Playing Disc Golf:
October 2007 at Morley. Thought the game was pretty lame until I hit my first birdie. Been hooked ever since!

First Disc:
Pro Wraith and yea, it was pink.

Favorite Holes at Morley:
5 (long positions), 8 (any position)

Morley Field Aces:
1! Hole 2. Took me two and a half years to get it!

Favorite Disc:
Champion XCalibur, 175

Favorite Drivers:
Champion Boss, Champion TeeBird

Favorite Midrange:
Champion Spider, Champion Stingray

Favorite Putters:
Magnets (Hard)

In My Bag:
Drivers : 175 Champ Boss, 175 Champ XCalibur, 175 First Run Star XCalibur, 173 First Run Champ Groove, 175 Champ Teebird, 167 CFR Wraith, 171 Star TL. Midrange : 175 Champ Spider, 177 Champ Stingray, 172 Star Gator, 180 Champ Shark, 168 Champ Shark,173 ProD Wasp. Putters : 3 ProD Magnets (Various weights), Max Weight Elite Z Magnet.

Tourney Placements :
None yet. Need to have tourneys on weekdays!

Favorite Disc Golf Website:

Favorite Pro Player:
Ken Climo

Tips for New Disc Golf Players :
Buy 3 of the exact same putters and practice your form often. Find a field and unload your bag including midrage and putters to get your disc’s flight pattern down. Do this often until comfortable with all your plastic. Always throw at 70% power. Less is more in this game. HAVE FUN and TELL YOUR FRIENDS!


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