Disc Golf For The Wii!

Editors Review –
tiger-woods-pga-tour-10-wiiThis is a must have for and disc golf / Wii owner. You can play on 16 realistic golf courses – Pebble Beach, Doral, and even Torrey Pines!; to name a few (Torrey Pines must be unlocked during the ball golf section of the game…bummer). Do not buy this without the new Wii FullMotion control adapter. This new tecnology from Nintendo allows full 360 degree range of motion. This allows hyzer, anhyzer, rollers etc…. Save some money buy purchasing the bundle of game and adapter.

The game also adds realism through real-time weather. Your internet connected Wii will access the local weather in your area and incorporate those conditions into your round. This definitely makes a difference. There are a lot of cool features like that that make this a must have video game.

Putting is a little too easy and many birdies are to be had but you will agree to the standards after playing a few rounds. Overall rating (disc and that silly ball golf game) we’ll give it a 9.5. The ONLY issue aside from not being able to play all the course at the start, which stop it from receiving a 10 is that the Wii graphics are good but not great (as expected on this limited platform).

Graphics – 9
Control – 10
Fun Factor – 10
Difficulty – Normal (6 year old beat me by 2 strokes disc golfing at Pebble Beach)
Players – Up to four at one time
Discs – Three: Driver, midrange, putter
Playing disc golf at Torrey Pines… priceless!

editors note – Thanks to Tiger Woods for puting his name behind our sport. Thanks (sarcastically) to Tiger Woods for the upcoming throngs of crowds to the already overloaded Morley Course and parking. lol


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