Morley Player Profile: Donny Olow

IMG_5008Donny Olow
PDGA# 2656
Masters / Open

Began Playing Disc Golf:
I’ve been playing since 1976, before they had baskets and Snapper was selling discs out of the trunk of his car. 1971 We played a game called ” Frisbee Bike Tag ” You had to throw a frisbee at a guy riding his bike by you in the street , but you had to stay in the driveway area. Shots were about 100 feet away so no one got hurt.  If you were one of the throwers and hit the guy riding his bike past you , you had to now ride the bike , while the guy would throw at you !!   We all took turns !!!!  Lots of Fun !!!!   We also threw at Telephone poles , fire hydrants and trash cans.

First Disc:
Blue Super Pro , circa 1966

Favorite Morley Field Hole:
My Hardest Hole at Morley is Hole # 16 Long. My Easiest Hole at Morley is Hole # 16 Short.

Morley Field Aces:
I have over 543 Hole-In Ones (Aces) in this time and hope to have more (not all at Morley). I have Aced 2 or more positions on every hole at Morley Field.

Personal Favorite Disc:
First Run Original Red Candy TeeBird 174

Favorite Driver:
Destroyer – DX , Star , Pro and Champion

Favorite Midrange:
KC Pro Roc

Favorite Putter:
173 gram Blue  JK Pro Aviar X

Tourney wins or Top 5 finishes (not necessarily from Morley):
I’m a Multiple Open Pro Morley Field Course Champion (pre Micah). I have won City , State and Out of State titles. I have not won a Pro NT or Pro Worlds title….yet.

“In My Bag”:
When I Fly on the Airlines, I carry a Mini Revolution bag with Quad shocks and 14 discs. When I play Morley, La Mirada, El Dorado, Huntington Beach, etc ……  I use my Executive Ball Golf Cart by Bag Boy. I have converted it to Disc Golf standards !!! It’s a Silver Avenger model with chrome wheels, no flat tires, cooler and disc carrier !!!!

Here is what it carrys for me :
174 gram Red Beat JLS for Rolling
174 gram Champion Dyed Orc
180 gram KC Pro White Roc
174 gram Champion Dyed Viking
174 gram Star Yellow Whippet
176 gram Red Squall
168 gram Star Orange Wraith
169 gram Star Destroyer ( Blue )
167 gram White Pro Destroyer
175 gram Yellow Star Valkyrie
175 gram Yellow Champion Boss
168 gram Orange Star Boss
175 gram Champion TeeBird ( Yellow )
175 gram Black KC Pro Aviar

My Favorite Cigar:
Padron 3000 Maduro , dipped in Remy / Martin French Cognac.

Favorite Website:
DiscGolfers R US  and

Favorite Pro Players:
Marc and Ken Jarvis !!!!  Those kids are awesome and can throw a mile and don’t have a attitude !!!

Tips For Other Players:
Wear Comfortable Shoes with Good Grip !!!
Relax !!!!!  Don’t take this Sport too seriously, unless your playing for $ 1,000,000.00  You can give yourself a Migrane or worse , a stroke !!!! Start off just having Fun !!!!  Work on proper technique First , distance will come later.


6 Responses to “Morley Player Profile: Donny Olow”

  1. Ed Horst(mr ed) Says:

    hey now,back in NJ around the mid sixties we played bike tag frisbee as well.The difference was we all rode while “tagging”throwing at the next player with a frisbee.Weird ,early game of ultimate in a way.many games were played in the streets game in the parks,neighborhoods.”Frisball(baseball) on the littleleague ball fields.No pitcher,you threw the frisbee and took off running,if caught you were out or stayed at the base you were able to get to.Blocking was allowed so the scores were not a run away.Street football was played the same,you could play with a small amount of friends,3 on each team or up to the allowed 11.Fun times when we all were young and the game(frisbee) was new.Peace,mr ed

  2. Come visit Sunny Clearwater Florida and we will throw Kenny Climos Home course! Home of the Biggest Disc Golf Store in the World and The Champ!!!

  3. BOY! I want you to do “the grind” for the Masters spot so I can play you. The one year you had only one win and it was against ME! I want another shot at you.

    That is if Snapper puts you at #3 Masters position.

  4. shawn ludlow Says:

    Donny, you’re a great guy. Thanks for helping this awsome sport grow. It takes a lot of motivation to hang around the field without throwing (it can be very addictive). Keep it up! I’m telling eeryone I know about joining the San Diego Aces Club. We’ll get over 500 members this year, and maybe a new course :).

  5. shawn ludlow Says:

    Sorry. I misspelled everyone, oops.

  6. Donny, I enjoyed reading your profile. You gave a link on DGRUS. It is always cool to read about the old school Frisbee games. I started playing in 1979 when I was 16 years old in a park in Santa Rosa CA. We had a weekly Frisbee golf league every Wednesday evening through the summer/fall for several years. It was a 27 hole obstacle course with a mandatory on about every other hole. All kinds of par 3’s, 4’s and 5’s
    Great memories and the beginning of a lifelong love for throwing discs came from that time…. Thanks for reminding me.

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