Player Profile – Allen Risley “Rizbee”

slide15Allen Risley
old man, gimp, oh wise one, good lookin’
PDGA#: 1752
Advanced Masters, aiming for Pro Grandmaster in 2011

Began Playing Disc Golf:
Who knows?  1978 was my first time playing on baskets @ Rockledge Disc Golf Course (pay-to-play), Rockledge, FL.  Played in the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th, WDGC’s.  Took 15 years off to raise kids and my blood pressure – glad to be back.

First Disc:
Wham-O Fastback – First Golf Disc = DGA/Wham-O Midnight Flyer 40-mold

Favorite Hole at Morley:
#5 – I love big, wide open hyzer shots

Morley Field Aces:
Hole #16

Favorite Disc:
Shuttle Puppy – I carry a 25-yr-old SP in my bag for long putts/approaches.  Don’t bet against it going in.

Favorite Drivers:
Sidewinder – great driver for lower-armspeed golfers like me, TeeBird – great all-around driver – very versatile – you’re insane if you don’t carry one.

Favorite Midranges:
QMS Aurora, gummy

Favorite Putter:
Discraft Putt-R – gummiest available

In My Bag:
Here’s my set-up for Morley:
Burnt orange Revolution Team Texas Bag
150g gummy Champ Sidewinder
155g gummy Champ Valkyrie (Juliana Korver autographed)
160g Champ Sidewinder (surprisingly stable)
154g Champ Orc
157g Champ Beast (original mold)
153g Champ TeeBird (lefty ace disc)
160g Champ Starfire|
150g Champ Firebird
150g gummy Champ Leopard
150g gummy Champ Stingray
167g gummy QMS
165g Millenium Aurora
162g Star Rancho Roc (pink Baby Roc)
168g gummy Champ Rhyno
170g “Hands” Aviar
178g Discraft Sky-Streak (circa 1986)
170g Discraft X Putt’R

Tourney wins and / or Top 5 finishes (not necessarily from Morley):
1978 Florida Junior Overall Frisbee Champion
numerous Open division wins/2nds/3rds over 20 years ago (I can’t remember…)
2008 Chavez Ice Bowl – 1st – MM1
2008 & 2009 Redlands Ice Bowl – 1st overall
2009 Golden Sombrero Series Points Champion

Favorite Disc Golf Website:

Favorite Pro Player:
Of all time: #55 Steve Slasor
Currently: Ken Climo

Tips for newer players and players looking to improve:
Play your own game – not someone else’s.  Don’t throw max weight to prove your manhood, unless you want to see me beat you throwing 150-class.  Play the course, not your opponent or your ego.  Golf is a thinking man’s game – don’t forget it.  That, of course, means that many folks will never get it…


One Response to “Player Profile – Allen Risley “Rizbee””

  1. shawn ludlow Says:

    Wow, there you go, giving away all of the important secrets of disc golf in your tips section. The only thing you left out was to have fun. I haven’t thrown with you yet, but I would like to thank you for spreading the sport of disc golf.
    Thanks, Shawn Ludlow

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