Spring Fling 2009 Is Full!

dsicsfMorley Field Spring Fling 2009
Saturday, May 2nd at 8am
2009 PDGA Amateur Qualifier
(B Tier)

Players Package: T-shirt, mini, lunch from Panera Bread Restaurant (salads, bread, sandwiches, cookies)

– Top 1/3 of all fields win prizes.
– Trophies for all winners.
– CTP’s each round
– Free Drawing.
– 1st Round 19 holes
– 2nd round 17 holes.
– Portable Mach III basket for 1st place Advanced Men’s division

NO registration on the day of the tournament.
Anything postmarked after 4/11 is too late and will go on a waiting list.
Limited to 95 entries.


MA1 Advanced
1. Mike Ballestas
2. Dave Crandall
3. Toby Brenard
4. Mike Tyberg
5. Bart Gebbie
6. David Parnell
7. John Ryan
8. Dave Roper
9. Rhett Stroh
10. Anthony Bassett
11. Bert Cotton
12. Adazm Nash
13. Aaron Van Matre
14. Angel Garcia
15. John Benefield
16. Brandon Langston
17. Chuck Powell
18. Justin Fitzpatrick
19. Adam Aguilera
20. Ken Herrod
21. Kevin Gomez
22. Jack Daniels
23.Kent Legree
24.Sean Olson
25.Justin Kirk
26 Abrey Daniels
27 Eddy Spracklen

MA2 Intermediate
1. Kirk Hinkleman
2. Patrick Paramore
3. Jon Berg
4. John Curtis
5. Ben Rutheford
6. Robert Martin
7. Casey Sowa
8. Mark Hawking
9. Chris Ragsdale
10. Chris Givans
11. Paul Mac Millan
12. Rocky Aguilera
13. Mike Holmes
14. John Arce
15. Travis Hutton
16. Shane Dehner
17. Alex Sakai
18.Taylor Darnall

MA3 Novice
1. Robin Hendrickson
2. James Fisher
3. Dale Chambless
4. Joseph Obezo
5. Dean Bushick
6. Ryan Osborn
7. Mike Bass
8. John Gregory
9.Brian Newmark
10.Jeff Brown
11.Brenden Sage
12.Derek Cameron
13.Wesley Sage

MA4 Recreational
1. Neil Mackay
2. Keith Gregori
4. Josh Hoeckle
5. Justin Cheeseman
6.David Fukami
7.Tom Schaff
8.Sean Wilburn
9.David Hamillton

MM1  Masters
1. Danny Zwolenski
2. Randy Wylot
3. Billy Romhild
4. Miguel Ramos
5. Dave Clapp
6. Mike Kvasnicka
7. Dan Shorkey

MG1 Grandmasters
1. Ben Farrington
2. Earl Tritt
3. Eric Simmons
4. Kalyan Farrington
5. Scott Jamison
6. Jeff Graham
7. Bill Richards
8.John Butler
9.Frank Knapp

1. Keri Vogel
2.Kayleen Boyle0

1. Rita Nash
2. Sofia Martin
3. Kimmy Cottrell
4.Krystal Griffin

1. Laurie Stroh
2. Yvonne Jamison
3.Robyn Butler


2 Responses to “Spring Fling 2009 Is Full!”

  1. How about joining the Worlds Biggest Disc golf weekend on May 2nd?
    Please visit our website and let us know if you can incorporate an element of this into your tournament.
    Even if you just acknowledge it and put up a banner along with selling WB discs and WB shirts that we can wholesale to you for fundraising that weekend for your club or favorite charity would be a nice way to join in.
    Please call us if you can participate. We have over a 100 cities around the world, 30 states and 12 countries and we would love it if you could also be a part of this event. Thanks for the consideration.

  2. Kevin Gomez Says:

    Who’s this guy “Fitz” everyone keeps talking about?

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