What’s Your Favorite Hole At Morley?

1slide1Most of us look forward to Mondays at Morley (wasn’t that the name of a bestselling book?) to find out if our “lucky” pin position is in.  What hole / position is your favorite? Whether it’s because of it’s challenge, it’s aesthetics, it’s seclusion,  or maybe it’s where you just seem to always “park it”. Let us know – sans hole 11 cliche answers.

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3 Responses to “What’s Your Favorite Hole At Morley?”

  1. Mark Wilson Says:

    Hole 4
    For the varied hole placements and the shots needed for those. When I park any of them I feel like I have accomplished something. I also think it is a beautiful hole from a photo standpoint (ie the banner picture on the front page of the website).

  2. Josh Hoeckle Says:

    Hole 19
    I love the straight uphill shot in the furthest position. I can’t quite throw it that far, but every time I get a little closer. And someday maybe I’ll ace it :)

  3. jens ritchie Says:

    hole five for now im just satrting to get my JLS broken in and if the position is deep in the rear it works for me canit wait ill be there today !!!

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