Morley Player Profile: Brandon Langston

Brandon Langston
Advanced Amateur

brandon2Started Playing Disc Golf:
I played disc golf for the first time in 7th grade P.E.  A new teacher at my school in Arcata, Mr. Shaddix, was a disc golfer and ultimate player.  His first order of business was to bring it into our P.E. class.  We learned a handful of different shots to throw while playing on our football field aiming for a pole that had a 5′ circle drawn around it.  I forgot about the game after that until I picked it up again around ’00.  My first tournament was in 2005.

First Disc:
Innova Hammer in ’89 which I proceeded to loose that same day.

Favorite Hole:
Hole 11.  It’s very social, a good time for a break and if it is a weekend you’ll likely be there longer than any other hole.
5 aces so far.  Hole 2 twice, 6, 8 and 19.

Favorite Disc:
Sparkle Squall (aka bass boat)

Favorite Driver:
Star Destroyer since I’ve thrown it the furthest and have aced with it.

Favorite Midrange:
1st run Champ Gator is always with me

Favorite Putter:
I’ve moved to a few different putters and haven’t been convinced any are my favorite yet

“In My Bag”:
Star Destroyer, Star X Caliber, Champion Firebird, Champion Teebird, Champion Leopard, Champion Gator, Sparkle Squall, Z Wasp, Discmania P1 and P2 Putter

Top Morley Finishes:
2007 Spring Fling Intermediate Winner
2008 Sunrise Showdown Intermediate 2nd place
2008 Morley Field Course Championships Amateur Champion
2008 Southern California Championships Advanced 2nd place (tied with a good friend)

Favorite Disc Golf Website: is where I go most often.

Favorite Pro Player:
All that I have met and/or played with have been great.

Tip For Other Players:
Learn to throw an arsenal of shots.  Hyzer, Anhyzer, Forehand and a Roller are a good place to start.


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