Morley Player Profile: Mark “mdub” Wilson

Mark “mdub” Wilson
Division: Rec / Masters

Began playing disc golf?:s7301189
I went with a group of friends the day after high school graduation (Madison HS – 1979 in San Diego). I was hooked from then on and played maybe once a month or so. In 1982 I worked at the Union-Tribune in Mission Valley and we would take off for lunch a little early (10 min.), play a full round (barley 1 hour!), and arrive back to work a little late (15 min). That’s right people… you could play Morley in an hour! I had to stop playing for about 10 years because I threw my back out on hole 1 with a horrible form of a backhand. I returned a few years later to sponsor a tee sign hole (Hole 12) and Snapper asked where I had been. I told him about my back and he suggested throwing sidearm from there on out. I actually threw farther than ever! Started playing again regularly (3-4 times a week) in 2006.

First Disc:

Favorite Morley Field Hole:
In the early days of Morley Field there were a few holes that traveled south from the 19th pad, along where the nursery is. There were a few holes that crossed back and forth across the canyon (if you look at the nursery incinerator on 19 you will see a little dip that was the entrance the little valley). I think it was hole 13. You threw from one side of the valley across to the other. It was pretty cool.

Morley Field Aces:
NONE! It is almost mathematically impossible to throw something at a target 10,000 times and not even hit it by accident! I predict hole 1 left, 13 short, or pyramid on 15

Personal Favorite Disc:
Elite Z Xpress Spongebob disc my kids got me for Fathers Day 2006

Favorite Driver:
Star Destroyer (great sidearm disc)

Favorite Midrange:
Star Cro (great sidearm disc)

Favorite Putter:
Omega Supersoft

“In My Bag”:
Star Destroyer (x2)
Champion Groove
Elite Z Avenger SS
Champion Valkyrie
Elite Z XS
Star TL
Star Cro
Omega Supersoft
120g #2 Helix for my 5 year old

Tourney wins and / or Top 5 finishes (not necessarily from Morley):
I have only played one in my life (Course Championship 2007). I finished 1 spot from DFL and 2 spots from DNF but I had fun. I did though play a doubles round at Bayside and cashed. It was kind of funny.

Favorite DG Website:
1000 Rated and (I am the web guy so that may seem biased)

Favorite Pro Player:
1. Snapper – Without him who knows where this sport would be.
2. Dave Feldberg – I still “blame” him for the recent huge surge in crowded courses in SoCal, due to his appearance on Conan in 2007!
3. Paul McBeth – He is the future of the sport! The “Shaun White” of disc golf

Tips for other players that have helped you:
1.  Take your time. Visualize the shot
2.  “Shut up and throw”
3.  Pick up trash
4.  Have fun!!!

Claim to Fame:
Concusions from errant throws on holes 16 ($5k ER trip / CAT Scan) and 15 (from same group that hit me 2 years previous on hole 16!)


3 Responses to “Morley Player Profile: Mark “mdub” Wilson”

  1. Tim Zastoupil Says:

    Hey Mark,

    It was a pleasure playing with you Tuesday the 29th. I’m sorry I stole your glory on 15, but I was very excited to get my first ace. It was great to play with a fellow believer that isn’t afraid to let it show. I hope we can play together again some time, shoot me an email with your cell #.

    God Bless, Tim (TRZ)

  2. Brian Vogel Says:


    Thank you very much for the Big Bird Roc3! I’ve met some nice course locals on my travels but you guys set the bar. Hopefully the military will bring me back down to play the course again so we can play a round. Thanks again!!!! January 13th, 2013

  3. morleyfieldsd Says:

    You’re very welcome!

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