North vs. South San Diego Team Tournament

slide1In late 2008, two teams of San Diego Aces members were chosen by Dave Vincent and Bobby Martin to compete in the first annual North San Diego v. South San Diego Team Tournament.  The first half of the tournament occurred in North San Diego at Montiel Park and Emerald Isle.  It followed a match play format with 20 competitors from each area consisting of 5 open, 12 amateur, 1 master, 2 women players. 

On August 24th,the Northern leg featured doubles at Montiel and singles at Emerald Isle.  North San Diego edged out South San Diego by a score of 136-128.   Here are the results:


¢ent & Allison 1 vs Micah & Latoya 3
Steven & Brittany 2 vs George & Clark 2
Jared & Scot 1 vs Miker & Dirty W. 3
Jeff N. & Trevor 3 vs Slonim & Givans 3
Mike L. & Devo 2 vs Justin & Ian 4
John K. & Cody K. 2 vs KG & Aaron V. 7
Porter & Randy W. 3 vs Parnell & Mike B. 1
Jonathan M. & Allen 3 vs Big D & Shorkey 3
Alex N. & Brendon 4 vs Roper & Ben R. 4
AJ Risley & John M. 7 vs Bobby & Emily 1

NORTH 28          SOUTH 31


Micah 5 vs ¢ent 6
George 7 vs Steven 5
Miker 3 vs Jared 5
Slonim 6 vs J. Nichols 2
Justin F 3 vs Lust 7
KG 5 vs Porter 4
Parnell 5 vs Cody 5
Big D 8 vs Jonathan M 4
Mike B 3 vs Brenden 5
Dirty W 3 vs Golia 8
Givans 3 vs John M Sr 2
Roper 7 vs A. Nichols 5
Ian 3 vs Allen R. 9
Shorkey 3 vs Kirkland 4
Aaron V 8 vs Trevor 7
Bobby 2 vs AJ Risley 6
Clark 9 vs Devo 5
Ben R 4 vs Randy W 7
Emily 7 vs Brittany 3
Latoya 3 vs Allison 9

SOUTH 97          NORTH 108


On Saturday, February 14, the Southern leg of the North San Diego v. South San Diego Team Tournament takes place.  Morley Field will host the singles at 9am followed by doubles at Sun Valley at approximately 1pm.  Teams were selected by new captains, Brendan Wear (North) and Daniel Lichtman (South). 

South                                   North

Micah Dorius vs Carlo Pelg
Mike Slonim vs Jeff Nichols
Tom Olson vs Dave Vin¢ent
Miguel Ramos vs Dean Porter
Kevin Gomez vs Jared Person

Dave P vs Jonathan Maki
Roper vs Brendon W
Big D vs Alex Nichols
Justin F vs AJ Risley
Mike T vs Jeremiah P
Aaron V vs Scot G
Ian F vs Dave Lewis
Dirty W vs Devo
Chris G vs Richard
Bobby M vs AJ Worden
Ben R vs Norm N
Clark J vs Alex L

Dan Shorkey vs Randy W

Emily vs Allison
Latoya vs Sofia

(Matchups subject to change)

Micah + Latoya vs Carlo + Sofia
Mike S + Emily vs Jeff + Allison
Tom O + Clark vs Dave V + Alex L
Miker + Ben vs Dean + Norm
KG + Bobby vs Jared + Richard
Shorkey + Chris G vs Jonathan + AJ W
Parnell + Dirty vs Brendon + Dave L
Roper + Ian vs Alex N + Don
Big D + Aaron vs AJ R + Randy
Justin F + Mike T vs Jeremiah + Scot

(Matchups subject to change)


3 Responses to “North vs. South San Diego Team Tournament”

  1. sunriseotter Says:

    John Heaton has been named as an injury replacement for Micah Dorius.

  2. Dave Vincent Says:

    I handled my biznass…

  3. sunriseotter Says:

    So did I…

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