Morley Player Profile: Kevin “KG” Gomez

img_5267Kevin “KG” Gomez
PDGA #25626
Division – Pro

Began Playing Disc Golf?:
Growing up I was always fond of the Frisbee.  We used to play catch in the water at the beach.  At San Diego State I had enrolled in a class called intermediate Frisbee.  We learned about all the different Frisbee games from MTA to Ultimate and of course Disc Golf.  We had a field trip to Morley Field one day and we played  some disc golf. So being a poor college student we found a game that was fun, cheap and that all our friends could play.  We were recreational players playing the par 4’s when they were set in those positions. In the next few years we would play maybe once every 3-5 months for one round.  Then in early 2004 Patrick Gallaher and I went and played 3 times in one week…  I have no idea why but we did.  Then Patrick wanted to try out a monthly and so we played.  We both “cashed” in the novice division and were instantly hooked to competitive golf.

First Disc:
Well I bought 2 discs. An Orange 177gram Hammer (which I still have) and a 172 Gram Yellow Magnet

Favorite Morley Hole:
Hmm this is hard one.  But I would say hole 4.  You can throw a lot of different shots at the different pins positions.  Hzyer, anyzer, roller, sidearm etc.

Morley Field Aces:
9 Aces at Morley with 12 total. Hole 8c, Hole 4d, Hole 4a, Hole 14e, Hole 10b, Hole 2d, Hole 13d, Hole 7c, Hole 19c

Favorite Driver:
TeeBird.  I am currently throwing star but all molds are excellent.  It is the most versatile disc ever.  You can throw all types of shot with this disc. Highly Recommended!

Favorite Midrange:
I throw a lot of midranges but if I had to choose one it would be the 178 Buzzz, With the Aurora and Gator a close second.

Favorite Putter:
DX Challenger

“In My Bag”:
Crimson Red Texas Team Revolution Bag
DX Pro Challenger (2) 175g
DX Aviar Putt and Approach 170g
Crystal Challenger 172g
Champion Gator 175g
Z-Wasp 177g
Z-Buzzz 178g
QMS Aurora 178g
Star Stingray 180g (Dave Vincent Autographed)
Star TL 174g
Star TeeBird 175g
Champion Firebird 174g
Z-Predator 174g
Champion RoadRunner 175g
Pro Wraith 172g
Pro Destroyer 175g
Star XCaliber 175g
Star TeeRex 175g
Champion Boss 173g (Testing)

Favorite Disc Golf Website: has great interviews

Favorite Pro Player:
David Vincent.  He is the best.  I love to hear his snap when he throws the disc. Simply amazing, Close second has to be John Benefield 2005 Morley Field Am runner up!

Tips for other players:
Learn how to throw flat first.  After you master that you can change the angles of release.  Make sure you follow through and finished in a balanced stance. Slow and smooth is the key.  Throw in an open field so you can see the full flight of your discs.  Keep attitude even keeled during competition, never too exited or too angry. And lastly enjoy the game and spread the game to others.


13 Responses to “Morley Player Profile: Kevin “KG” Gomez”

  1. I am proud to say I know David Vincent. He is still the best golfer I know. We all love him.

  2. Pinoy Pride Says:

    Dabe Bincent teached me how to throw a thumber! He is only man to ace hole 10 long, 426 feets! Very nice!

  3. I Know david As well. I was there when he Aced 10 long at Morley for his first ever ace. Over 400 feet!!!

  4. spikehyzer Says:

    David Will make an appearance at Morley and Sun Valley this weekend for the north south challenge. Bring out your video cameras and capture some rare footage and this Disc golf deity!

  5. Dave Vincent Says:

    I am retired…Still shoot course records and knock off top pros though.

  6. sunriseotter Says:

    Hey Dave, I heard you set the course record at Echo Hills? Any truth to that? Does it still stand?

  7. Overhand_Right Says:

    I love thumbers . Dave is my hero.

  8. Dave Vincent Says:

    I don’t know if it still stands, but I shot a -10…Echo Hills is a great course.

  9. sunriseotter Says:

    I want to make it up there soon. Probably gonna have to wait til after Memorial though.

  10. I shot -11 2 weeks ago

  11. Pinoy Pride Says:

    Dabe Bincent say Lumpia give extra snap…KG and ¢ are good priends op mine, they both eat the Lumpia.

  12. Gwillimnation Says:

    I taught Dave Vincent how to throw!

  13. Dave Vincent Says:

    Ryan did teach me how to throw…From 200′ to 400’+ in a few weeks…

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