2009 SD Aces Bag Tags

Be one of the first on the course to sport one of these cool bag tags from the San Diego Aces DGC. Bag tag challenges are a lot of fun with other club members. Low numbers are still available but they are going quick… act soon! Sign up for the club and also receive a new SD Aces logo disc!

Colors / #’s are as follows:

1-10: Black
11-25: White
26-50: Red
51-75: Orange
76-100: Yellow/Gold
101-125: Light Green
126-150: Green
151-175: Aqua


4 Responses to “2009 SD Aces Bag Tags”

  1. Check out sandiegoaces.com for more info.

  2. My old tag… see you again soon

  3. sunriseotter Says:

    Who’d you lose it to Brandon?

    Bobby took #2 from Paul Morgavo the other day. They had a rematch scheduled but I don’t know the outcome. I’m sitting on #64 currently.

  4. Lost it to Shooter playing a “late” round.

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