Course Championship Results


1st-31-$375-trophy-Chris Vilmorin
2nd-28-$230-plaque-Ed Speakman
2nd-28-$230-plaque-Micah Dorius
4th-27-$120-Carlo Pelg
5th-17-$71-Jeff Nichols
5th-17-$71-Daniel Lichtman


1st-14-$200 shop credit-trophy-Brandon Langston
2nd-9-$160 “ “ –plaque-Chris Hanau
3rd-6-$140 “”-plaque-Josh Egbert
4th-4-$115 “ “Paul Morgavo
4th-4-$115 “ “Chris Wymer
6th-3-$95 “ “Clark Jackson
6th-3-$95 “ “Josh Coombs
8th-2-$82.5 “ “Randy Wylot
8th-2-$82.5 “ “Mario Traba
10th-0-$75 “ “Rob Pennington
11th+2-$66 “ “Erick Bones
11th+2-$66 “ “Mike Tyberg


1st+15-$65-trophy-Brittney Breed
2nd+22-$40-plaque-Kayleen Boyle
3rd+31-$25-Allison Wylot

One Response to “Course Championship Results”

  1. Katherine morrow Says:


    Hope Elementary School is a public schoollocated in Carlsbad, CA. We will be holding oursixth annual Parents Night Out fundraiser onMarch 7th 2014 at The Crossing’s of Carlsbad. In 2012 we raised over $17,000 to fund our Music, Art & Technology programs. This year our goal is $20,000!

    We are writing to ask if you would be able to donate tickets for our auction. We would appreciate anything or any amount you would like to give. All organizations that donate are advertised prominently around our school and on our website.

    Any donation is an opportunity to raise awareness with the Hope community about yourorganization, and to give back to your neighborhood. Your donation is 100% tax deductable because Friends of Hope is a 501c3 nonprofit organization (tax ID: 41-2034367). Through our fundraising efforts, Friends of Hopeis able to offer students enrichment programs including art, music, dance, educational assemblies, and computer technology. We would notbe able to make any of this happen without the support of our community.

    If you are able to donate, sponsor, or for more information please contact Katherine Morrowat (858)342-5362 or you may send any donation directly to the address provided below. In an effort to cut down on costs we are sending the majority of requests through email. If you would like a paper request, we would be happy to provide one.

    Thank you for your consideration,

    Katherine Morrow
    Co-chair Parents Night Out

    Hope Elementary
    3010 Tamarack Ave
    Carlsbad, CA 92010

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